Top Semi Truck Parts for Your Peterbilt

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Whether you’re preparing for your first long haul or you’re looking for ways to upgrade your favorite truck for another week of driving, find out how you can improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of your Peterbilt truck. Check out these semi truck parts to find out how you can take hit the road in style.

  1. Comfortable Seat Covers

Your new Peterbilt seat covers can give you the comfortable, supportive seat you need for those long hauls. Take time to find the best cover that fits your style of Peterbilt seat and offers the features you need.

Some covers use leather, denim and other materials to offer a durable, water-resistant layer of protection. Choose one of these materials if you’re tired of a wet, dirty seat after getting in and out of wet weather conditions. Simply remove the entire cover and wash it for hassle-free cleaning. Once it’s dry, it’s easy to put your seat cover back on for years of durable protection.

Other seat covers use comfortable memory foam and soft liners to offer you a comfortable ride. When you’re sitting for hours, a comfortable seat is essential for effective riding. Otherwise, you may experience back pain, discomfort and your ride can seem to stretch on for endless hours.

  1. Safety Accessory Lights

Low-light conditions on the road can be dangerous for you and other drivers. Your 18-wheeler can be surprisingly hard to see in the snow, rain or the middle of the night. Additional safety lights are easy to install and provide additional coverage. Look for blind spots where your truck may be difficult to see, and add LED lighting for energy-efficient safety.

  1. Personalized Mud Flaps

Mud flaps not only protect other drivers from mud, water and gravel, they are a great opportunity to personalize your ride. Look for mud flaps that proudly support Peterbilt or your favorite brand of parts and accessories. Consider hanging LED lights to keep your mud flaps visible.

  1. The Latest Electronics

Enjoy the latest tech in your Peterbilt truck. When you’re headed out for a cross-country drive, you need the latest entertainment and safety features. Pick up a satellite radio, GPS, mini fridge or other entertainment device to turn your cab into a hands-free communication hub.

If you’d rather experience all your music, navigation and other entertainment features through your smartphone, shop for hands-free holders, chargers and speakers to boost the power and efficiency of your smartphone while you drive.

  1. Energy-Efficient Headlights

Dim headlights make every nighttime drive feel like a drive through thick fog. Cut through the darkness, fog and rain to see clearly and keep your truck safely on the road. LED headlights are easy to swap out and offer you a long-lasting option. Don’t spend your weekends changing headlights, but enjoy clear, vibrant and long-lasting illumination on the road.

From stylish mud flaps to the latest Peterbilt 379 headlights, shop for all your essential Peterbilt semi truck parts online today. Compare brands, prices and receive great deals on shipping your favorite parts. Gear up for a comfortable, safe and unforgettable ride as you cruise across the country or navigate local routes with ease.

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