A list of vital but obscure driving rules that one might get fined for

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The UK has a set of stringent driving rulesand regulations when it comes to motor vehicles. These regulations and laws were formulated to ensure the overall safety of its citizens.Failing to follow these regulations can lead to fines as hefty as £1,000, MOT failure,licence points, driving disqualification or in worst case scenarios, a prison sentence.

It is, however, well known that one should adhere to the most obvious rules of the road, such as sticking to the speed limit, stopping at traffic lights and ensuring that the vehicle is suitably insured. Aside from these, there are a few unknown driving rules that can come as a real surprise.

The following is a list of obscure driving rules prevalent in the UK:

  1. Highway Code specifies that all motorists should ensure that their dog, or any other animal, is suitably restrained so that they do not cause a distraction while one is driving.The animal should be restrained in such a way that they do not cause injury to the driver or themselves if the car was to come to a sudden stop. It suggests using an appropriate restraint, such as a pet carrier, seat belt harness, cage or guard. Not following this simple rule could land one in serious trouble like prosecution or fine up to £1,000.
  2. Number plates displayed on the front of vehicles must feature black characters on a white background, while at the back they must have black characters on a yellow background. The plates are different colours so that motorists can easily tell which way a vehicle is facing, and therefore whether it’s likely to be moving towards or away from them.Wrong colours on number plates can lead to a fine.
  3. Drivers can be fined for failing to display their registrations clearly, with a common problem in Winter being dirt from the road surfaces sticking to number plates and making them illegible.
  4. If a motorist drives whilst wearingflip flops,ugg boots,wellington bootsetc. they are listed as unsuitable footwear and is considered a risk to themselves, their passengers and other road users at risk.The driver may be slapped with penalty points or a fine as a result.
  5. ‘Carpool Karaoke’should be avoided at all costs because the high notes are considered as distractions and may result in a fine or penalty points as it can be classed as driving without due care and attention.
  6. Leaving full beam headlights on could dazzle other road users and may lead to an accident. The driver may be fined as a consequence.
  7. Splashing pedestrians when driving by a puddle is deemed an offence and one could be hit by a £100 fixed penalty notice and three points if they’re caught by the police.
  8. Getting too close to the vehicle in front on the motorway is called tailgating.Tailgating can lead a motorist to be fined as much as £100 and three penalty points.


Following safe driving rules when on the UK motorway makes the roads safer for the motorist, the passengers and the pedestrians. A motorist should take care never to be oblivious of the lesser known driving regulations.

About the author:

David Lennon, a motoring and criminal law specialist,has composed this article in order to warn all the readers against the various driving rules that many peopleinadvertently break and regret.

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