Three Ways to Maintain Office Chairs

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According to a recent survey, the average office worker spends a total of 67 days a year sitting behind a desk. This means that the humble office chair has to withstand several hours of heavy punishment each day, which may lead to tear and wear. Unfortunately, some office managers have no clue how to maintain office chairs to make them last longer and remain comfortable. Below is a list of some crucial office chair maintenance practices guaranteed to keep the furniture looking and feeling as good as new.

Regular Cleaning

Over time, office chairs collect dirt and grime. Cleaning is one of the most basic maintenance practices you can do on your office chairs. Create and adhere to a strict and regular cleaning schedule for your chairs. The cleaning methods vary depending on the material covering the chair. Most chairs are covered in leather, vinyl or velvet upholstery, these can be wiped down and vacuumed easily. Some of the more thorough cleaning approaches are steam cleaning and jet wash.

Oil Moving Parts

Most office chairs have moving parts such as heavy duty casters, height adjusters, recliner lumbar support, and movable arm and headrests. With continued use, these joints and movable contacts begin to dry out. This often leads to irritating squeaks when the seat is moved or sat on. In more severe cases, the movements may cease altogether or become difficult, making the chair uncomfortable or unusable.

Make a habit of cleaning and oiling any movable parts regularly to avoid these problems. Remember, some of these parts wear out over time, so it’s often a good idea to replace old parts and prevent possible damage to other components.

Re-upholster Worn Surfaces

Very old office chairs often begin to develop flaws in the upholstery; the padding sags and the surface cover breaks or fades. After every year or so, most office chairs need new padding, springs, and covers. Reupholstering leaves the seats looking fresh, and also makes them a lot more comfortable. A new velvet or leather cover might be just what your chairs need not only to look good but also increase their lifespan.

The frequency of these maintenance practices mostly depends on the nature of the workplace and the chairs themselves. Office chair maintenance improves the furniture’s longevity and promotes workplace comfort. Taking care of your chairs secures the investment. However, even with regular maintenance, you must accept that after some time, you’ll have to replace the chairs altogether.

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