5 Best Octane Boosters You Must Have


Are you looking for the best octane booster that will give your vehicle the efficiency and quality you need for maximizing driving experience? What exactly is an octane booster? How does it function for your car’s optimum performance?

Understanding Octane Boosters

Raising a vehicle’s octane rating requires the use of octane boosters. This means using a bottle of the booster when refuelling your automobile a better performance, fuel economy and other related factors. These products are fuel additives that give higher compression ratio and improved your vehicle’s performance.  For your car’s health, use unleaded octane boosters as the leaded ones maybe harmful to oxygen sensors.

Most octane boosting products are made to prevent your vehicles from knocking and pinging. However, not all vehicles are responsive to such boosters. High-performance vehicles are manufactured by higher octane range than non-performance vehicles and ordinary sedans. It is always advised to inquire with your manufacturer if your car requires an octane booster or not.

Here are the top 5 best octane boosters you must for your vehicle’s optimal performance.

  1. Royal Purple Max Boost

This is considered to be the top performing booster as it reduces pinging and knocking while stabilizing fuel and increases horsepower. It uses lead-free ingredients. The Max Boost is MMT-formulated, delivering optimized octane enhancement that eliminates knocking, pinging, pre-ignition, and engine detonation. However, this is highly recommended for racing purposes and not street legal.

  1. Lucas Oil Octane Booster

This is a well-loved product because of its clean fuel burn. It is safe to use with carburetted and fuel injected engines. It also works best with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and turbochargers. You can buy the product in bulk that you can use for several months, letting you save more and avoiding frequent trip to the store just to get this fuel additive in a single bottle.

  1. Torco Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

The product highly resembles race fuel concentrate. Yet, catalytic converters and oxygen sensors are unharmed here. The Torco unleaded fuel accelerator is one of the most expensive octane boosters as it is in a 32-ounce bottle yet awesome in getting the most performance out of your engine. Like any racing fuel, the product’s shelf life is so short that you have to consume it or use it regularly in your vehicle to avoid expiration.

  1. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

The product can optimize you fuel’s effective octane up to 116. One unique feature here is that it comes with the BOOSTane smartphone app, letting you customize you fuel with your exact engine tune. Other features of this octane booster include lubricity restoration, preventing corrosion, and flaky sediment depositing. It also provides protection against ethanol’s negative side effects. It is the only booster who got the SEMA YEN Product of the Year award.

  1. STP Octane Booster

This is the best option for those looking for a quality product on a budget. The product offers higher affordability as it comes in a 5.25-ounce bottle that allows up treating about 21 gallons of gas. It has two-in-one formula, boosting octane and fuel intake system cleaning. It also offers cap-less gas systems compatibility. It even stops knocking and pining.  The STP octane booster is a trusted product in automotive care, with 60 years in existence.

Proper Use of Octane Boosters

Knowing the designated octane level of your vehicle is one of the top things you need to do in getting the best performance of your vehicle with regard to the proper use of compatible octane boosters. Do extensive research in getting the right octane booster for your automobile. You also need to identify the right mixture for the best possible performance.

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