Autumn and winter car care: how to protect your paintwork


Everyone knows how harsh autumn and winter can be in many places across the world. From autumn wind and rain to winter snow or ice, it can have a big impact on us and our possessions. This naturally sees people take extra precautions to protect themselves and their homes during these seasons. But how many people spare a thought for their car paintwork?

Cars are so durable and well-made now that many drivers simply expect them to keep going with no protection during these colder months. This is a mistake though as ice, salt, grit, grime and rain can have a big impact on your car’s condition. To help keep your car’s paintwork in the best shape over autumn and winter, the below tips are worth following.

Touch up any chips

Perhaps the first key job for most car owners is to have a walk around and look for any chips to the paintwork. When the paint is chipped away, bare metal will be left behind, which is not a good idea over autumn and winter. Salt in particular will get onto this exposed metal as you drive to corrode and rust it. A good tip is to speak with your franchise dealer, who can usually sell you a touch-up kit that is perfectly matched to the make, model and color you have.

Clean and protect your paintwork

One of the most important things to do should be giving your car a clean and then a wax to seal it. Doing this gets rid of any grime already on the car and then seals it from what the colder months will throw at it afterwards. Using a product such as wax to protect it with after washing will also give your paintwork a great shine. For the best car paint protection, consumer reviews pick out Shine Armor 3-in-1 Fortify Quick Coat. This handy product can be used to wash, shine and protect your car. Not only does this save you money from buying three separate products, but it also doesn’t use water.

Drive sensibly

This may not be one that you think of but is important to keep your paintwork looking good – after all, nothing will wreck it like a crash! Autumn can be a challenging time for driving, with high winds and falling leaves on the windshield, while the ice of winter is dangerous too. During these seasons, drive with extra care. Do not get too close to vehicles in front of you or leave braking until the last moment. In these seasons, this can often not give you enough time to stop or make you skid. Staying a sensible distance away from cars in front will also stop too much spray from their tires coming up onto your paintwork.

Take care of your car

In the same way as you would buy a warm coat and walk a little slower when it’s icy or windy out, you should take similar precautions for your vehicle. Doing this will help it to perform to its best over the colder seasons and also keep it looking its best.

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