Crucial Information You Must Know before Shipping Car from Hawaii to Mainland by Using A Shipping Company


There is a case that you have to deliver your car from Hawaii to the Mainland or vice versa. On the other hand, you may not want to drive the car by yourself. The best solution is by shipping it. What you need to do is look for a trusted car shipping service. Car Shipping Hawaii offers a shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland service or vice versa. Learn the things you must know before using the service.

The Way to Use This Car Shipping Service 

The way to use this car shipping service is easy. You only have to reserve with one of the shipping specialists. He or she will give you a booking number. A team will pick the car at your address once the reservation process is complete. They will deliver the car to the port. Let the ship deliver your car to Hawaii or Mainland ports. The last thing to do is picking up the car at the port. That’s it! The car is in a new area and you can drive it like before.

Check The Vehicle Shipment

Some people are curious whether they can track the shipment or not. Indeed, they want to make sure that the car is safe and arrives on time. As a professional company that offers a shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland service, Car Shipping Hawaii allows you to track the car shipment. You can track the process via an application. So, you don’t have to call customer service all the time only to ask about the shipment progress. Download the app and check the latest progress there. It is simple and you don’t need to worry anymore about the vehicle.

The Shipment Time 

Another crucial thing you must know before using this service is the shipment time. The transit and arrival time depends on many factors. The process often takes 10 to 16 days before you can get your car. Let say the shipping process takes 10 days if you deliver a vehicle from Nawiliwili in Hawaii to Los Angeles. The process is 6 days longer if you send a car to Tacoma or Oakland.

Putting Items on the Car 

Some car owners often put items inside the car before shipping it. It is not allowed to do for oversea shipment to and from Hawaii. This action breaks the rule of the Federal and Maritime laws. So, make sure that the car is empty and clean before sending it to and from Hawaii or Mainland.

The Shipping Schedule 

Make sure that you know the shipping schedule before taking the service. It helps you to manage the process to receive the car on time. Let say Car Shipping Hawaii offers a shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland following the ship sail schedule. They may send vehicles every 14 days from the West Coast to Hawaii. You can only use the service twice a week if you want to deliver a vehicle from Northern California to Hawaii.

Now, you know that Shipping car from Hawaii to mainland is possible. The process will be easier and faster if you take the right shipping company.


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