Dash cams are easily available in Sri Lanka


The dashboard camera has gotten progressively well known in recent years for the most part as a result of its various advantages. This is a sort of camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle, and it is intended to record sounds and pictures while you are driving. The reason for the cam is, it records everything about happens both out and about and inside the vehicle, and it very well may be utilized for an assortment of purposes. These cameras are broadly utilized all around the globe by standard drivers, driving teachers, taxi and transport drivers, cops, etc. A significant capacity of these moderate and highlight rich cameras of Sri Lanka are the way that they can be effectively combined with alternate on-board advances, for example, recorders and GPS gadgets.

There are some tips to get a dashboard camera in Sri Lanka:

  • A dash cam should have the quality of 1080p video goals; however, you can dial that down at times to expand the measure of the video you can store.
  • Consider acquiring the biggest memory card a scramble cam will acknowledge with the goal that you can store the greatest measure of video, and make sure to move it to your PC normally on the off chance that you need to keep it.
  • Many cams are set up to consequently record once you start the vehicle, and to overwrite video once the inner stockpiling or memory card is full.
  • Try to get a cam with a G sensor. On account of a crash, a cam with a G-Sensor will identify that activity and consequently spare the chronicle so you can see it later and use it as proof if fundamental. Some additionally have a still camera inherent on the off chance that you need to take a preview on your course; however, it’s normally low goals, not even at the degree of a cell phone picture. A camera’s field of view is significant, as a more extensive point focal point will catch more detail.
  • While some cams two-fold as real GPS route gadgets, others essentially use GPS with the goal that you can pinpoint where a video occurred, which is significant on account of mishaps or different occurrences. It’s additionally useful when you catch nightfall, storm, or other intriguing action and need to know precisely where it occurred.

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