Five Lastminute Gifts to Grabfroma Petrol Station


Have you ever found yourself on the road, on the way to visit friends or family and in need of a small gift?If there’s no time to take a detour through a town or city, a petrol station along your journey could come to the rescue and ensure you don’t show up empty handed.

Whether it be a gift for a belated birthday or even a small token of appreciation, carry on reading as we detail the variety of top-quality gifts you can pick up from your local garage – guaranteeing that you will arrive at your destination with a small but thoughtful gesture in hand.

A tin of biscuits

The crème de la crème of petrol station ‘prezzies’ and a fan-favourite amongst late gift buyers around the country. A tin of biscuits is enough to woo any friend or relative and ideal for your welcome cup of tea or coffee on arrival.

Road map

In this day and age, with the copious amounts of all singing all dancing apps available on iPhone and Android, one would be quick to conclude that the need for a 1000:1 OS map is no longer. However, in recent times we have seen various bad weather storms strike the UK, leaving cars stranded, with no mobile signal. A map in the glovebox might seem very ‘1992’ however, it could be an invaluable gift.

A crossword puzzle

As we’ve previously mentioned, everything we use to entertain ourselves in our current digital age is done through the medium of the smartphone. Lengthy train journeys and flights, however, often result in us losing signal, or even worse, our poor, depleting battery life. That said, hours of entertainment can be found in a crossword puzzle.

Travel pillow

Whether it be in the car (as a passenger obviously), on a plane, or on a train, at the forefront of everyone’s mind is comfort. Getting that much needed period of shut eye can make or break a journey, especially on a long-haul flight which is genuinely taxing on the body.

The fold down table to the front or window to your side doesn’t quite replicate the relaxed output exuded by a memory foam pill but, a travel pillow, complete with an eye mask can come pretty close!


Undoubtedly, your local services will play home to a CD rack that stocks a plethora of albums from 2004. It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever get a new disc in this section, but why not treat your family to Will Young, Alanis Morissette, or Lemar?

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