Get to know about Bike Engine Oil


There was a time when owning a vehicle was considered a luxury, but that scenario has changed. Owning a vehicle has become quite affordable, all thanks to the plethora of budget cars and bikes launched by companies and multiple payment options provided by banks. You can own your dream bike/car very easily without much hassle, but maintaining the quality of your vehicle is crucial too.

The engine is the heart of any vehicle. It is made up of different motor parts that work together to keep your motorbike running. When these motor parts work together, friction is produced. This is where bike engine oil comes into play. Engine oil, also known as a lubricant in layman’s term, plays a crucial part in the longevity and efficiency of an engine.

Made from chemical compounds that are derived from petroleum and non-petroleum synthesized products, engine oil is semi-solid or liquid in nature and performs a number of functions. Because of its oily nature, it plays a vital role in providing lubrication to the internal parts of an engine by creating a slick film, thus increasing its efficiency and reducing the risk of wear. Engine oil also helps in cooling the oil in an oil pan so that it doesn’t reach its flash point by absorbing heat. The additives that are present in the engine oil also helps in keeping the motor parts of the engine clean by removing any sort of carbon formation on them. It also helps in increasing the life of the motor parts and in turn the life of an engine by reducing the risk of corrosion.

Periodical engine oil change, whether it is bike engine oil or car engine oil, is required in order to keep your machine working in a safe and sound way. The oil in your bike contains contaminants as it removes build up from the motor parts of your engine and then strains it away through the oil filter. When you change the engine oil of your bike, it refreshes the whole system and makes your engine more efficient.

In conclusion, in order to prolong the life of your bike, make sure that you use high-quality bike engine oil for the smooth functioning of your bike. And do not forget to change your engine oil periodically. Follow these crucial measures for smooth riding experience.

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