How does a teenager learn to drive a car? Three of the best car simulators


There are many home and professional car driving simulators for teen drivers. Which ones are the best, are they suitable for teens and how much are they? For answers, we turned to the scientific and methodological departments of driving schools, auto centers and to the participants of the public road safety movement.

There are many home and professional car driving simulators. Which ones are the best, are they suitable for teens and how much are they? For answers, we turned to the scientific and methodological departments of driving schools, auto centers and to the participants of the public road safety movement.

Driving simulators have been around for about a decade. Today, there are already programs not only for the professional training of drivers, but also for home training for adolescents who so far only dream of a car.

Features of modern programs

Today, there are many home and professional car driving simulators. The most popular include:

–  ADrive

–  City Car Driving

–  3D Instructor

With their help, you can learn many driving skills.

What modern simulators offer:

–  Intensive and diverse traffic in the conditions of a big city, the presence of intersections and junctions;

–  Detailed study of roads: roundabouts, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, speed bumps;

–  A variety of roads: city streets, highways, suburban highways, country roads;

–  Various situations on the roads, including rare and unusual;

–  The choice of weather conditions: cloudy and clear weather, rain, fog, ice, etc .;

– The choice of time of day: morning, evening, day, night.

Time does not stand still simulators are constantly replenished with new options, simplifying the process of learning to drive. Therefore, it is worth constantly monitoring updates.

Dive into the world of virtual roads

“Driving simulator” includes software and hardware that mimics important parts of a car. The program itself can work without these additional devices as a gaming application. However, you can immerse yourself in the driving process and feel the reality of what is happening behind the monitor only with equipment. Minimum home package: steering wheel and pedals, and other means are used as desired. Installing such equipment at home is easy enough.

Some driving schools use special professional complexes-simulators that help beginners get the first impression of self-driving. The latest models of exercise machines allow you to quite accurately simulate the control of a real car.

Training simulator: a pleasant acquaintance with driving

Recent developments in the field of software allow you to supplement the simulators with a wide range of settings: the appearance of the cab, the type of transmission (mechanical or automatic), imitation of the road surface (dirt, asphalt, obstacles), etc.

Most professional simulators consist of a driver’s seat, a monitor, a set of pedals (gas, brake, clutch), a steering wheel, a hand brake, a gearbox, “turn signals” and an ignition switch.

The use of simulators in the learning process helps not only the student who has never sat behind the wheel of a real car, but also his instructor. What is this help?

Special training programs have already been developed for training the military, drivers of buses, trams, trolleybuses, railway transport, emergency vehicles, trucks and special equipment. Modern car simulators for training drivers of special vehicles allow you to create almost any, albeit unlikely, traffic situations.

Remember the rules!

Driving instructional programs help to study road signs and markings in accordance with GOST. A training simulator designed for mastering traffic rules monitors violations on virtual routes. He not only makes comments, but also recommends what to do in various situations.

Such software will help at home to prepare for the theoretical exam in the traffic police (categories “A” and “B”) and using a special test to evaluate their success. After completing classes in such a program, in the “Statistics” section you can see a list of mistakes made during the entire training period.

The main thing is practice

Learning to drive with the help of programs and training simulators is a useful preparation. However, driving a car requires many skills that are unrealistic to master on virtual roads. First of all, this is good coordination of arms and legs, a sense of one’s body and dimensions of the car.

Car simulators imitate hundreds of traffic situations in which a student gets acquainted with various difficult tasks and ways to solve them. But the main advantage of such programs is gaining confidence and getting rid of fear before getting behind the wheel of a real car. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the acquired skills must be consolidated in practice.

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