Do you want to sell your motorhome to buy a new one or one more adapted to your needs, but you don’t know how to do it? If you want to buy a new one or offer another vehicle, discover our tips and tricks to Sell My Motorhome!

First of all, you have to know that there are several options available. You can choose to sell it to an individual or a professional.

  1. Check your motorhome

It is essential to remove all your personal belongings. An empty motorhome will allow the buyer to project himself. Then, it is necessary to give it a cleaning touch inside and out. Do not forget to empty all the tanks (water). Also remember to check the correct operation and condition of all equipment and material. A clean and well maintained motorhome will be easier to sell.

  1. Set the sale price

Price is the key factor. A price that is too high can cause you to lose potential buyers, while a price that is too low will generate many doubts. As a general rule, a motorhome loses 20% of its value once it is put into circulation. Criteria such as kilometers, brand, year, options and equipment affect the sale price. It makes sense to compare your motorhome with other models and also compare it with market prices.

  1. Write an ad

To sell your motorhome, it is essential to write an ad as accurate and fair as possible. Therefore, it is important to include the characteristics of the vehicle: make, model, category, kilometers, power, year, number of beds. Also remember to mention the general condition, accessories and options and of course the price. Finally, do not forget the contact information: phone number, email address, vehicle location. Remember that an ad with photos is more successful.

  1. Proceed to the final sale

When you visit the vehicle, be very careful when testing the vehicle. Do not hesitate to verify that the buyer has his driving license. And don’t leave the keys without being installed in the motorhome with him. Similarly, when you find your final buyer, beware of scams. Ask him to pay you through a bank check. Never deliver a copy of the vehicle registration certificate!

  1. Sell your motorhome and enjoy!

Now you are ready to sell your motorhome to and buy a new one! Then do not hesitate.

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