Secrets to Help You Select the Best Two-Wheeler Insurance


Two-Wheeler insurance is a legal necessity and also a safety measure which you must invest in!

Bike insurance is a priority today, especially after the recent Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 with the fine for riding an uninsured vehicle being as high as ₹4000 and imprisonment of upto 3 years!

While the importance of getting two-wheeler insurance is understood, there are still doubts regarding ‘how’ and ‘where’ to get the right policy. So, here we uncover some secrets and untangle the ‘complex’ web of insurance policies!


Let’s debunk the myth that ‘getting two-wheeler insurance is a hassle’ and ‘how do I know what kind of policy to get? I know nothing about bikes or insurance !’

You have to do your due diligence to research and avail comprehensive bike insurance at the right price. There are various platforms providing the know-how on insurance covers and packages for riders. You can read and compare the insurance policies,the rate of premium etc. and get the best insurance cover at the right price.

Secret 2: Insurance is Easy as ABC !

Two wheeler insurance falls in the category of motor insurance. By law, every two-wheeler must possess, along with other documents (license, registration , PUC), a ‘third-party’ insurance cover, i.e, an insurance cover which covers the damages and liabilities caused by a ‘third party’ in case of an accident.

However, there are certain accidents which can happen off the road. In such uncertain times, comprehensive bike insurance is a safer bet to make. Such a policy provides financial protection against losses caused by natural disasters, thefts, riots, strikes etc!

Secret 3 : Understanding ‘complex terms’ of insurance policies.

While considering two-wheeler insurance policies, you may come across words like ‘Premium‘ ,’Claim‘ , ‘Insured Declared Value (IDV)’ , ‘Deductibles‘ etc  which can get your head spinning !

Calm down !

There are some excellent user-friendly websites which  can help you understand policy wording and the meaning of core terms and conditions in an easy manner. So, take a few breaths, put on your reading glasses and spend a few minutes going through these terms. In no time, you can get a suitable and comprehensive insurance cover from trusted companies .

Secret 4 : Safety is just a click away !

Buying insurance online is quick, easy and convenient with every major company offering both third party insurance and comprehensive bike insurance online. Insurance claims are no longer troublesome with companies like Bharti AXA offering round-the-clock claim assistance. Furthermore, you can avail many discounts and other benefits when buying or renewing bike insurance online!

Secret 5 : Rest assured and Get Insured !

Insurance is not a choice but a necessity in today’s day and age. Don’t jeopardize your life and property as well as that of others’ by staying ignorant. Get comprehensive bike insurance foryourtwo wheeler and consider it to be an investment towards safety and prosperity!

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