Suggestions to follow while having RV vacations with kids


The experiences you have with your family when RVing will last a lifetime. Starting RVing with kids may be difficult, whether you’re full-timing or simply planning a weekend trip. Where do you start to pack, park, or bring? What about food? Everyone sleeps where? How do you make your RV cozy?

An RV is a convenient mode of transportation that may facilitate family camping trips and holidays. You can do as you choose with your area and its contents. It’s possible to have a wonderful time RVing as a family, even if you’re accustomed to traveling without children, with just a few adjustments.

RV CAMP GEAR recommends the following for a successful RV vacation with kids:

·        Safety first:

You’ve probably already babyproofed your house if you have a child. Time to start childproofing the RV! Check for exposed outlets, closed or guarded cabinets and doors, sharp corners, and any potentially dangerous items relocated to higher ground or secured rooms. You can monitor who enters and exits your RV by installing an alarm system on the door.

·        Avoid long trips:

While you may enjoy the excitement of a road trip, young passengers may not. Kids might find long travel days unpleasant, uninteresting, and tiring. Keep travel days short to maintain excitement for the trip. Younger children should only travel 3-4 hours a day. Older youngsters may handle up to 8 hours.

·        Modify your RV space according to the needs:

Family requirements vary. Your youngster may need a quiet location to sleep. Having an RV without separate rooms might disrupt a child’s sleep routine and mood for the day. Consider your child’s requirements and what space will best serve the family.

·        Keep routines:

Routines help young children feel comfortable and reduce crankiness. Regular mealtimes, naps, and bedtimes are best. Read them a book on the drive if you do at home. These items make travel easier. Crabby kids in an RV are no fun.

·        Don’t forget about potty breaks:

RVing with kids requires some planning. Unplanned bathroom stops might add hours to your trip day. Especially if going with little campers. Ensure all passengers “try” during planned pit stops. It’s annoying when you stop for a bathroom break, and someone else has to go five minutes later. Schedule toilet breaks while driving or hauling an RV.

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