The Benefits of Mercedes Club Membership


Whether you are driving a Mercedes C Class or the latest Maybach, there is equally as much in store for you. What matters is your enthusiasm for the German machine and willingness to uphold its legacy to the very end. Many countries and even continents have local Mercedes clubs where they engage in fun activities together annually or also share upgrade information. But do you know you can join a club and get global recognition as a member?

Well, there is more to gain than just a mere badge and a membership certificate. Here are the benefits that will cross your way once you activate your Mercedes club membership:

  • Events

The Mercedes club membership has a vast network of regional clubs, with more than 9000 clubs registered worldwide. Through coordination, these clubs organize both local and international events, which are key to you as a Mercedes owner or enthusiast. For instance, as a member, you get to enjoy access to global and regional rallies, shows, technical programs, and even test drive events. Do you want to be among the first few individuals who take that ride for a road test before it is released to the market? Get a Mercedes club membership and increase your stakes!

  • Mechanical Support

As we mentioned earlier, Mercedes Benz is not an average car that can be repaired in any garage. Therefore, to have access to the best mechanical support and advice from technicians who have handled different models of the brands, you must join a club. Moreover, the company has gone digital and avails basic manuals on CDs, which are best accessible when you have an active club membership.

  • Huge Discounts

Truth be said, owning a Mercedes-Benz car is expensive and a liability that you should prepare for very well. It ranges from insurance coverage to spare parts. Well, Mercedes has partnered with several Insurance firms to give discounted insurance covers for its members. Look there, you’ve just saved a big chunk of insurance costs, and can now channel it towards things like gasoline budgeting. You’ll also get access to discounted spare parts, especially when you buy from registered and approved dealers. You’ll have a Mercedes-Benz membership card once you join a club, and when you present it to any dealer, your discount is bound for consideration.

  • Unlimited Access to Members Areas

When you become a member, there are a lot of things you’ll discover and have access to. Among the unlimited access, you’ll have access websites and pages on various digital platforms. You’ll also have access to a technical library run by the manufacturer. The library covers important aspects of basic maintenance and daily care routine checks. If you learn how to maintain your car, then for sure it will last you for ages.

  • Exclusive Access to Monthly Gazette

Mercedes-Benz has an award-winning monthly journal which has members’ only exclusive access. The journal includes the latest news about more models to come, emerging technical assistance, and important contact details. For instance, you may land the contacts of the best spare parts dealer in your region.

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