The Future of Automobiles and Sustaining a Clean Environment


Most of us have progressed into these years of environmental safety. From using solar powered energy for lighting our homes to recycling our recyclable garbage in order to reduce the years of breakdown certain products will take to decompose, which in turn, will make for a polluted planet in more ways than one.

I believe an important element in helping our planet is to make sure what we drive is cutting down on the amount of emissions polluting the air we breathe. Though there are hybrid cars now that help us with that, for some of us, whether it be a financial burden that has forced us to keep our old 1999 Cadillac, or for some who just probably love their 1999 Cadillac, not all of us are into the hybrid car craze. However, I would make a wager that we all care about keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

Solar powered everything is what I believe we are striving for in regard to sustaining our planet earth. Right now, today, solar powered cars are being experimented with and some say may be on the road as early as 2019. However, we should leave that to the automakers to perfect as we stay focused on what we can do now to help better the planet and the future of the auto industry.

It is important to weigh what we have now. Some people are driving a hybrid car, while others are still hanging on to “Old Betsy,” from the year 2000. That is fine ‘IF’ you have a plan of action to lessen Betsy’s pollution from years of oil changes and exhaust smoke from fossil fuels. How do you do that, you may ask? Well, here are a few tips; First, do not overfill your car’s tank. You may think you are getting a little extra for the road, but actually, the vapor from the leakage is seeping into our air. Second, you could get regular emissions checks and tune-ups. The more you keep your car clean under the hood the less fuel you will need to keep it running clean.

We have not yet zoomed into the future world enough to totally have those solar powered automobiles on the road, but we have made sincere progress towards that with the hybrid cars. However, it is also important to know how to manage your emissions and electricity on those as well. A lot of hybrids are both fossil-fueled and electrically energized. So, follow the tips above for fossil fuel, but if you are planning to drive off the electric charge, then you should know how long to charge an electric car.

With electric powered cars, the consideration is the same as to what you would consider necessity with electricity in your house. As much as you need to save on it there, so it pertains to your car as well. It is the source that is polluting our planet. The power plants that charge your electric sources are strangling mother earth. So, as we progress on, let’s all make smart eco-friendly choices.

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