Tips to replace the BMW battery


If you think that replacing a car battery is one of the easiest things anyone can possibly do…you are wrong especially when it comes to BMW battery replacement. All the newer models of BMW are equipped with Intelligent Battery Sensors (IBS), and that is why requiring battery registration. It is also essential to register or match the new battery with onboard ECU for the proper performance and battery longevity.

If you skip the new battery-ECU matching, the ECU of your car is not able to recognize battery as new and it decreases fuel economy and shortens the service life of the new unmatched battery. Before replacing the battery of your car turn it off and park it with an emergency brake set. Take precautionary measures to keep yourself clean and protected.

  • Pop the hood and locate the BMW battery in the trunk.
  • Detach the negative (black) and positive (red) battery cables from it.
  • Remove battery brackets and remove the old battery from the car.
  • Clean battery tray and cable connections with a battery cleaning solution if required.
  • Install a new battery and secure it.
  • Connect battery terminals again and finally register your BMW battery with a tool (Foxwell for BMW) or with your Smartphone (Carly Adapter).

The registration process of BMW resets the battery charging history of your vehicle and statistics for the previous battery will be deleted. Maybe you feel it pretty straight forward, but it is more comfortable and satisfactory to leave it to the experts.

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