TrackTech 7.3 Banjo Bolts Specifications


TrackTech 7.3 Banjo bolts kit is suitable for boosting the performance of the Ford Powerstroke. The manufacturer provides two high flow fuel CVD fittings as well as two high flow banjo bolts. Learn the function of this kit for your Ford Powerstroke.

High Flow Fuel CVD Fitting

You will receive two high flow fuel CVD fittings in a package of the TrackTech Banjo bolts. One of the functions of this component is to check the valves in the Ford Powerstroke. Checking the valves is very important to make sure that this component regulates fuel pressure maximally. This component also prevents turbulence due to the low fuel flow at the valve. Good high flow fuel CVD fitting reduces the risk of cavitation or air bubbles into the fuel injectors. The highest achievement of this component is to make the fuel injectors in the Ford Powerstroke work maximally.

High Flow Banjo Bolts

You will also receive two TrackTech 7.3 Banjo bolts. This component also has a crucial role in the performance of your Ford Powerstroke. Good Banjo bolts work to allow fluids to pass through them. The main function is to improve fuel flow and reliability. You need this kit for tuning your Ford trucks. Track Tech Banjo bolts are useful to reduce the risk of a subpar performance because of the cutting method.


TrackTech offers 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm of two CVD Banjo bolts kit. The overall weight of this product is only 0.50kg. You are about to get a 1-year warranty. You know that you can give the kit back if there is something wrong before a year. This product is suitable for specific Ford Powerstroke, including Econoline, Excursion, E series, and F series.

The Place to Get the Original Kit 

You can get this kit in online stores, but not all of them provide the original kit. TrackTech Fasteners is one of the recommended places to get original TrackTech 7.3 Banjo bolts. You will get the complete package consisting of high flow fuel CVD fitting and high flow banjo bolts. You don’t need to get confused anymore about looking for one of the components only because the store sells it separately. An original TrackTech Banjo bolt kit works maximally for Ford Powerstroke based on the company standards. This store is not only offering the original banjo bolt kit but also good service. For example, you can find the nearest dealer to your area, so you can receive the Banjo bolts kit immediately.

You also don’t need to get confused about your order. This online store supports its customers with a tracking order system. As a result, you will always know, update the location of your TrackTech 7.3 Banjo bolts kit, and make sure that the order will come to your address on time. Imagine that you get an original kit at an affordable cost, along with the maximal service from the seller. Indeed, you will get the performance of your Ford truck back after installing the kit to replace the old ones.


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