If you love boats, then you know that almost all boats run using marine diesel engines. Whether you are interested in purchasing the engine for a motorized kayak, yatch, Formula 1 or personal boat, the requirements are almost the same.

When planning to purchase a marine diesel engine, a times when your budget may not allow you to get a new one. During such times it would be wise to buy a used marine diesel engine. You may ask why choose a diesel engine instead of a gasoline engine? Diesel engines have come a long way and are no longer the smoke blechers they used to be. Thanks to new technology, diesel engines now characterized by low-sulphur and eradiaction of exhaust emissions. Some prefer to buy a Running Take Out engine which is an engine that Is taken out of a boat and this ensures that the engine is actually working. Here are some more tips when buying a takeout engine.

  1. Learn to do your own research. Do not merely rely on the salesman for all the information.
  2. Check for abnormal noises or vibrations when running the engine
  3. Lookout for oil, gas or fuel leaks.
  4. Look to see if the speed governor is working.
  5. Try negotiating for the best price since its cost is most likely not fixed.

However, many opt to buy a second hand generator instead of the running take out engine. In order to purchase a good marine diesel engine there are several factors that one must consider. The following are those factors for consideration.

  • How much power you will need.
  • Engine weight and size
  • Access to service points on the engine
  • Accessibility of spare parts
  • Wear and tear
  • Power

Before going to check out the engines, it is important to determine how much power you will need. You can do this with the help of your boat builder. However, you can also check for different engines within your power range.

  • Engine weight and size

A boat is like an airplane without wings. Thus balance is key to keep it from capsizing. This is why it is important to make sure that the power-to-weight ratio makes sense as advised by the boat builder.

  • Access to service points on the engine

If you are planning to repower with anengine that is not the same as the OEM engine, ensure that you have access to filters, pump impellers and bleed screws for the injection system.

  • Accessibility of spare parts

When buying an engine, it important to ensure that the used engine is of a make that has readily available spare parts. This will save you the trouble of buying an engine that will not be used again once one of its parts breaks down.

  • Wear and tear

The rule is simple, if the engine looks to old and worn out then it is probably too old and worn out so to avoid future problems it is wise to avoid buying such engines.


In conclusion, used marine diesel engines are a great and powerful alternative to gasoline engines. As long as you ensure that you are fully aware of the specifications given by the boat builder, do not hesitate to purchase one.

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