Wheel spacers enhance the performance of your Porsche


Porsche is proof of comprehensive quality standards!

Porsche owners, mostly seek aftermarket wheels and tires to improve the appearance and performance of their cars. But it is also a fact that every set of wheels not offers the precise offset or backspacing required for top vehicle performances. Even some of them can cause issues with clearing the breaks. Luckily, wheel spacers correct all kinds of spacing issues whether the measurement of required clearance is in inches or millimeters. In addition to it, wheel spacers provide an attractive flush alignment of car’s wheel arches by imparting them correctly.

An improved appearance is not the only advantage of using wheel spacers but, the widened wheelbase of Porsche contributes to greater stability and better handling. It is highly noticeable during taking corners. Wheel spacers allow adjusting wheels offset without any need of purchasing new wheels. The track width adjustment of wheels improves the aerodynamic profile of your Porsche amazingly.

946 turbo and c4s models of Porsche are designed with high-performance braking and this now becomes a vehicle for track use. With track racing improved braking is also in need. Porsche wheel spacers allow Porsche an improved braking to perform brilliantly. Over tightening the lug nuts of wheel spacers can damage the spacer or stud so avoid over tightening and use a torque wrench to fix spacers for your Porsche.


Always pick the right spacer to fit the pitch circle diameter and possibly acquire the precise fitment of your spacers. 4WheelSpacers.com assures an excellent availability of high-quality top class wheel spacers for your Porsche. The wheel spacers we design and manufacture are of highest-grade aluminum that is lightweight and durable. The double surfaced treatment and anodized spacers have ultimate lasting protection. Our efficient and professional staff is always available to help and assist you.


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