Your Car Remote Not Working? Here is What You Should Know



Remote car key control is the new norm in this modern era of automobiles. Advanced technology means we embrace more advanced ways of operating our cars. It is a welcome advancement that significantly enhances our convenience as well as improving automotive security.

Car key remote controls allow you to control some aspects of your vehicle entirely, more so locking. If it faces any failure, then it means you can’t remotely control your car. The failure may also limit lots of safety features on your vehicle. Replacement car keys Kents will be your only solution in situations where the damage can’t be repaired.

Top Reasons as to Why Car Key Remote Control Fails

If you’re enthusiastic about cars and their automatic functioning, you understand better how much remote keys do. From their inception, they were only limited to controlling car locks. However, technological advancement now allows them to power up vehicles and also initiate alarms.

That’s why a failed car key remote leaves you with a lot of burden. Understanding why they fail will allow you to put in place measures to help mitigate any arising problem. Here are the reasons responsible for car key remote failure that you ought to know.

Damaged Transmitter or Receiver is the Main Cause

Perhaps you are trying to power up your car with no response at all. There is no cause to worry. Your car key remote control may be having a damaged transmitter. The basis of this remote functioning lies in the principle of transmission and reception.

Any damage to the transmitter means the signal won’t be received by the car. This unsuccessful communication causes no response, meaning your car key remote is of no use. Damages to the key transmitter are hard to repair without professional help.

You May Be Having Dead Batteries in the Key Remote

Car key remotes entirely depend on the battery power for their functioning. Their batteries are known to have a long life, which may leave you unworried about timely replacements. This kind of complacency may catch up with you when the car key remote fails abruptly.

To avoid such instances, you should find out how long it takes for the batteries to die. This enables you to be well prepared whenever you start noticing that the remote keys aren’t working as usual. Remote car keys that fail due to battery power depletion only require you to purchase replacement batteries.


Car Key Remote That is Not Programmed Will Also Fail

As stated, key car remotes’ functioning is a mutual dependency between the transmitter and the receiver. Therefore, pairing is involved for them to work efficiently. The remote control on the key has to be programmed and paired to the receiver in the vehicle. Failure to do that means there will be no remote communication between the two.

New vehicle owners hardly experience this kind of problem as the programming is usually done during car manufacture. Second-hand car owners are the ones most affected. Therefore, when you buy a used car, this is one factor you need to accord a key consideration.

Final Thought

If your car has ever experienced a failure in its remote function, perhaps now you know the reasons that led to the same. Understanding the above-stated factors puts you in a better position of knowing what to do if your car key remote fails again.

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