5 Services Offered by nycambuletteservice.com for Handicapped Passengers


Sitting in a wheelchair limits our access even when we want to go to the hospital. Even if we can do it, most public transportations is not designed to be wheelchair-friendly. Due to this issue, nycambuletteservice.com offers a wheelchair-accessible taxi. Learn more about a wheelchair-accessible taxi by NYC Ambulette Service below.

Ready to Deliver People with Wheelchairs to Several Places 

This service covers several areas, including Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. You only have to book a ride and they will come in at least 10 minutes. As a result, access to some places becomes easier and more comfortable for people with a wheelchair.

A Taxi with Hydraulic Lifts Feature 

There is a case when a handicapped individual lives alone without any family members or friends who can help them. It will be difficult for them to visit a hospital for regular medical check-ups. nycambuletteservice.com understands the urgency to help them to go to the hospital. Because of that, this service also offers a van or taxi with a hydraulic lift feature. This feature will automatically lift the wheelchair for more accessible transport. It is an effective solution to transporting handicapped and elderly to meet their doctor for regular medical check-ups or treatment.

Ready to Go Anytime You Want 

This service is ready to go to your address to pick you up anytime you want. The driver can pick up their passengers 24/7. It is a good alternative for handicapped individuals or the elderly who have to go to the hospital immediately or urgently. But you have to know that this service is non-emergency medical transportation. Best of all, the passengers don’t have to move from the wheelchair or have difficulty entering the car because of the wheelchair.

Offer A Variety of Vehicles 

The vehicle in this service varies. It depends on the condition of the passengers, the service provides wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles, minivans, ambulatory vans, and stretcher vans. The various vehicles meet the comfort of the passengers. As a result, handicapped passengers get the benefits of hiring this taxi service.

Can Carry You Up and Down 

There is a case where the handicapped individual lives on the fourth floor or above. In the same case, they don’t have anyone to help them to the taxi. The best part is that this service will provide the passengers with two or more operators and a special stair chair. It also depends on the weight of the passenger and the staircase. Indeed, nycambuletteservice.com knows things that handicapped passengers need.

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