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Each car model is unique and, in addition to the main components and parts, carries a greater or lesser part of the additional content. But, despite the financial position and tastes of the developers, the fame or success of individual models, the internal filling and interior trim, for any car, both the most elite and the most modest in terms of pricing, there is one small, but no less important design detail: its emblem. You want to buy fashion accessories for yourself or your car. You can find any exclusive auto logo on The online store offers you a large number of useful, high-quality, and unique accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd and compliment your image.

If you are a lover or a fan of any car brand, we will offer you a large number of stickers, badges, and logo accessories. In our online store, you can easily choose a gift for your friend or car enthusiast friend.

In the modern world, a car is not only a necessary means of transportation but also a source of pride for its owner, regardless of brand or model. Of course, over the long history of the automotive industry, a variety of forms and purposes of this wonderful invention of mankind could not but form, even if we talk about passenger cars. Practical cars for the whole family and extreme SUVs, high-speed racing cars, modest budget models, and luxury cars – and all this is found within the same manufacturer!

But the emblem on the car is not only a stylized graphic image that gives an idea of ​​the manufacturer of the car but also emphasizes the greatest advantages of the brand or even part of the story.

So, for example, the white and blue emblem of BMW is a propeller, because initially the company specialized in the manufacture of engines for aircraft, and the colors of the emblem are explained by following the Bavarian traditions, where the famous concern was born.

The well-known Mercedes logo – a three-pointed star in a laurel wreath – appeared as a result of the merger of two emblems during the merger of the companies of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz.

Another example is the emblem of the Opel company in the form of a lightning bolt – this is a promise of the speed of a car from Adam Opel, and this logo appeared on his first creations – sewing machines after became widely recognizable!

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