Off-Roading Wheels: Size Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters


Tennessee Tires sees trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps with large wheels that have been damaged or bent while off-roading. We also offer powder coating to give your vehicle that extra pop. It might take more to properly equip your vehicle for unpaved terrain than you realize.


Yes, you can upgrade to bigger rims or tires. This is especially true for those who desire solid off-road handling. The suspension must be raised to accommodate this. For larger wheels, a lift of only an inch will be sufficient. Otherwise, the diameter must be larger than the brakes.

Remember that the weight of the tire and wheel upgrade can have an impact on your engine’s performance when it comes down to speed. This doesn’t really matter if you are driving at slower speeds.

What’s Backspace?

Off-road rims should be considered more than the wheel’s diameter and width. Backspacing is the distance between the mounting face of the wheel and its inside edge. The maximum backspace allowed will be indicated by your lift kit. This is because the wheel will move further into the wheel well the more backspace it has. To achieve maximum balance on off-road rims, reduce backspace and move your wheel away from the well.

What is?

You must also consider offset in addition to width, diameter and backspacing. The offset is the distance between the center point of the wheel and the mounting surface. Backspacing can be measured in inches, while offset can be measured in millimeters. To move your off-road rims further out of your car, you’ll need to reduce the offset from OEM. A lower offset allows for more clearance between the tire’s inside edge and the suspension. To give the wheel enough clearance, it may be necessary to have a negative or zero offset.

Alloy is the King

For off-roading, you need a strong alloy wheel. Alloy wheels are strong and durable without adding weight. While steel may seem like a better option, it is too heavy. Alloy over steel can save you over 10 pounds in unsprung weight. Cast aluminum is generally lighter than forged aluminum. These terms refer to the way the material is formed into a wheel.

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