Trick To Handle Car Keys Locked in Car


Sometimes, you accidentally lock your keys in the car. This accident often happens in the USA. A report explains that there are over 4.000.000 cases every year. As a result, you need to call a service that can handle this problem. Before that, learn what to do if you face Car keys locked in car problem.

Check the Doors 

Don’t get confused and remain calm. Next, check every door. It helps to check whether there is an unlocked door. If it is so, you can open the door and get the key. It depends on the model of the car. Some cars lock every door with one push of the key fob button. Other car models only lock the driver’s door on the first push.

Check the Key Fob 

Another thing you can do is checking the key fob. Drivers often use this to start their vehicles. Sometimes, there is a key inside the fob. You will see a switch or button to exact the key. This trick may help to save you from car keys locked in car.

Use a Spare Key 

You may bring a spare key to the vehicle. Use this key to open the door. This key is the same as the original key. That’s why some drivers always bring their car’s spare key. It is a safe way to solve the problem. The process is the same as the way you open the car.

Call Help 

So, how about if there is nothing you can do and you see that the car keys are locked in the car? The best solution is to call a professional locksmith. You can call a specific service such as Car Key To Go to handle this problem. This service has all the tools and resources to cut and program car keys on the spot. It limits the damage to the car. The most important thing is that you can open the door and use the car immediately. They are not only ready to cut and program car keys but also sell new keys, remotes, fobs, and batteries.

The Procedure to Call a Professional Locksmith 

Call the locksmith and explain your condition. Then, give your exact location so they can go there right away, along with the tools and resources they need. They will analyze the problem and start to do the best action based on the standard. Give them time to do the procedure. The process may take a few minutes. That’s it! Your can is open and you can use it like before. Make sure that you face the same problem twice.

You know that leaving car keys in the car is dangerous. Imagine that you can’t open the door. You can use the tips above to solve the problem. Calling a professional locksmith, such as Car Key To Go is the best solution for car keys locked in the car. It is safe because they know what to do to open the car without damaging it. If they have to, they know how to repair it right away.


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