Winter decor: Quick hacks to transform your home


For some of us, our home is part of one big season. In other words, if doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer – the house will look the same.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the above approach and I would suggest that it certainly makes life easier! For me, I’m a four seasons person though, and like my home to replicate each one.

This doesn’t mean to say that I invest thousands every quarter, but I instead turn to “small changes” that make a significant difference for me. These include:

  • My window dressings (I actually have three versions for the main rooms)
  • Accessories
  • Scent control (I’ve created this term)

Following on from the above, let’s start with window dressings. Generally speaking, they fall into two categories; blinds or curtains. There is a third, in the form of shutters, but from my albeit basic research this is an expensive solution and one that doesn’t necessarily slot into any season (but admittedly, always looks fantastic).

In the case of winter, thick, bulky curtains are always brought into my house. My living room and bedroom are the main beneficiaries, as up until this point in the year they are armed with Venetian blinds so I can control sunlight a little easier. The use of curtains almost adds a blanket around the room and gives them coziness that just can’t be sought from any other type of window dressing.

Next, lets talk about accessories. Flowers are my main source of wintery inspiration here and I’ve recently found Avas Flowers being the perfect ticket to this feeling.

Whether it is amaryllis or a hellebore, Avas Flowers have had it all for me over the years. These two flowers in question really bring a wintery feel to a home, and I tend to target the living room and dining room as these are the main areas which receives guests. The Avas Flowers Instagram page has some great ideas for those of you who are looking for a glimpse of inspiration.

You don’t have to be a florist to understand the impact the choice of flowers have on a room. For some people, the choice of color will be essential – and darker toned floral decorations will really set your rooms up for winter. For others, it might be more about the species, which is where the two examples from above come in.

Finally, it’s the scent of your home. Some might suggest that your choice of flowers will impact this, but you can go further. Incense sticks are an easy option and tapping into the likes of cinnamon or other ‘burnt’ flavors can work wonders for your winter wonderland. Room sprays and diffusers are other possibilities to really enhance those cozy sensations.

It’s worth mentioning that winter is defined differently between people. For some, it’s sub-zero temperatures. For others, it’s the scent of cinnamon. Use your personal definition of the season to dictate how you will adopt your home’s decorations.

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