Is it time to fit your van with a dashcam?

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Social media channels are increasingly sharing footage taken on our roads. Some of this is filmed using mobile phones but most is dashcam footage. A dashcam is a small camera that is mounted on the dashboard of a car or van. They are increasingly popular and can be useful in recording exactly what happened in a road traffic incident. If liability is contested it could save you a lot of money.

Is it time to fit your van with a dashcam
Dashcam footage and insurers

According to UK consumer watchdog Which, dashcam footage is permitted as evidence in courts and is used by the police. It is also possible to get discounted premiums from some insurers including the big names.

As well as saving you money on your van insurance premiums, dashcam footage can be invaluable in establishing that someone else was to blame for your collision. With the question of liability being resolved promptly, the claim can be settled quickly and the funds to repair or replace your van will be released more quickly. If you have invested money in customising your van for your business needs, for example with Speedliner hygienic coating for transporting food and medical supplies, you need it back on the road as soon as possible.

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Dashcam footage and insurers
Increasingly, the safety of van drivers is being taken more seriously. Dashcams are being viewed as a useful safety addition to vans. Speedliner waterproof and fire-retardant vehicle spray liners from providers such as protect a van from day-to-day wear as well as specialist fire retardant qualities that can make a big difference following accidents. Meanwhile, dashcams can record exactly what happened.

Tips for buying and installing your dashcam

It may be a better option to have the dashcam professionally fitted. You can choose from several features to suit the way in which you use your van for your business. You can set the dashcam to switch on as soon as your engine starts up. You can also select an ‘impact’ setting for when your van is parked up. If it is struck, the dashcam will be activated.

The best place for the dashcam is on the passenger side of the van. Ideally, it should be behind the rear-view mirror and never directly in front of the driver where it can get in the way of their vision.


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