Do You Know the Best Time to Buy a Car? Jeff Lupient Gives Some Insight

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Everyone realizes you shouldn’t pay the sticker price for any vehicle. You can get a vehicle between 7.5 percent and 8 percent below the MSRP, based solely upon the year and the kind of vehicle. In case you’re hoping to push those discounts, you need to have a fair idea of when is the best time to strike lightning deals on your car?

According to Jeff Lupient deals fluctuate during the entire year; however, the vehicle merchants work to amplify their monthly, quarterly, and yearly extra incentives. To discover when the motivating forces are the highest, you can check in at several sites, which screens a large number of offers from a great many vehicle dealerships everywhere throughout the nation. They track deals continuously, and distribute the normal markdown for each. It likewise tracks the best occasions to purchase specific kinds of autos, for example, SUVs, pickups, and cars.


A great many people purchase vehicles on a weekend. Only a few of them cut time out of their workdays to walk down to the dealership get the test drive and arrange. But the fewest of them get it on Mondays.

Normal Monday discounts achieve 8.1 percent, contrasted to the 7.49 percent the day preceding and 7.77 percent on Saturdays. On Tuesdays, discounts flood again to a normal of 8.05 percent, and stay close for the rest of the week. Thursday is the second-highest day of the week to purchase a vehicle, with normal discounts of 8.08 percent off MSRP.


Even though there’s the Memorial Day deals, May ended up being a standout amongst the greatest months to get a lot on a vehicle, particularly in case you’re searching for an average sized SUV. That may have more to do as new models for the next year start rolling out in June, and merchants expecting to get out old stock.


In case you’re searching for a huge pickup, October may grant you maximum deals. Discounts are almost around 7 percent. In any case, the extra models start to sell at huge discounts by Halloween. According to Jeff Lupient , some of the greatest discounts go around in the last week of October also helping the merchancts to earn some easy incentive.

In particular, New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve has for some time been the primary focus to get a lot of discounts on vehicles. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly deals targets all combine, giving dealerships and their sales representatives the greatest money related rewards for selling more vehicles. The more they sell, the more they make, and those rewards can be more than all the discounts that the car dealers give round the year.

These monthly, quarterly, and yearly deals objectives can signify huge investment funds of 8.3 percent off the cost of a new vehicle. Even on December 29th and 30th, the car dealerships have the tendency to offer colossal discounts of 7.8 and 7.9 percent, individually.

Identify the best time and get the best buy for you just when you need it.

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