Get Rental Cars: How to get cheaper deals

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Unlike finding the best flight deals, finding the best rental car deals is hard to most individuals. Possibly, you rarely rent a car, but that should not be a reason to allow confusion into your mind and pockets. Whether you need the vehicle for a faster weekend across the country or state or the trip of your life, the following tips will help you get the best rental car deals.

  1. Do not go for the rental vehicles near the airport

Typically, rental vehicle companies impose extra charges around airports, because the demand is always high within the areas. On the other side, offsite locations mostly boast lower prices. Some locations that airport websites list as off-airport are also likely to charge extra fee and you should therefore call their office to ask about the charges before time. If their charges are high, consider the nearest options, which might include public transportation.

  1. Look for discounts

Individuals who work in corporations may have access to company codes that can score them huge discounts at the big car rental companies. Some brands like Alamo and Hertz have discounts for students, AAA members and government employees. Before booking, check with the rental company or your human resource department for the available discounts.

  1. You might need to use Hotwire or Costco

This is a better way of getting the cheapest rental car deals within the United States. Costco offers a website that compares vehicle rental prices among the big-name rental car brands to help people get the best deals when planning to travel. Costco also provides brand-specific discounts for their members and second-drivers. On the other hand, the pricing of Hotwire is comparable, but you will not know the companies you are dealing with until you have booked.

  1. Book several cars and cancel as the rates get lower

Rental car reservations are not the same as plane tickets. You can cancel them at any time before driving without incurring any cost. Put differently, you can put as many reservations with several rental car companies as you desire. After booking, you will be able to cancel and re-book as the rates fall. The method requires checking the websites severally, but it has worked for many people.

  1. Skip the insurance

If insurance skipping is possible, do it. But how will you know whether it is possible or not? A call or online check to the insurance provider will reveal whether you are covered when driving rental cars. That way, you will be able to skip the insurance during the booking process. Without the insurance cost, you can save up to $50 in a day.

  1. Use the lesser known websites

The less competitive deals are likely to be those that you find on the lesser known rental car websites. Some companies consistently provide lower rates than the widely known ones. However, this method might only work for people who rarely care about the companies they rent from. Such websites rarely reveal the name of the company until you have paid the non-refundable deposit.


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