How to move your car when relocating to a new city

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Moving is a complicated and stressful process. You have to find a new home, sell the old one, prepare yourself and your family for the move, find a moving agency, prepare and pack all the things you plan on relocating and a lot more. But, when you add moving your car to the list, things get a lot more complicated. But, do not worry, there are many tips and tricks you can do to ensure your car is relocated quickly, properly and safely to a new city. That is why we are here. Thus, if you want to know how to move your car when relocating to a new city, keep on reading for some useful advice.

Hire a Professional Car Transporter

Shipping your car via professional car transporter is probably the best and the easiest way. This way, you will not have to worry about driving for hours, or even days, depending on how close the city you are relocating to is. Also, you will not have to worry about the unknown road and something going wrong. And, of course, you will not add miles to your car. Yes, these are all great reasons for shipping your car via professional car transporter. But, be sure that this is probably the most expensive way too. Of course, the price will depend on the size of your car, and the distance of the move. Moreover, be sure that there are different trucks and truck drivers operating them. For instance, you will have to choose between an open-air truck or an enclosed truck. Enclosed trucks are more expensive, but they will protect your car against any possible damages and weather conditions.

If you decide to move your car this way, be sure that your license and insurance are up to date. If everything seems in order, start looking for professional car transporters. It would be best to get recommendations from the people you trust. But, if that is not an option, look for transporter online.

Hire a Moving Agency

We hire moving agencies when we want to relocate our household items and when we need help with all the packing and heavy lifting. So, it might seem strange to hire a moving agency when relocating your car to a new city. But, the fact is, many moving agencies like Verified Movers have trucks big enough to fit a car inside. That will be cheaper than shipping your car via car transporter. And the benefits are the same – somebody else, with lots of experience, will make sure your precious car is relocated safely and properly to your new address. The best part is, you will not have to lift a finger. Your only job would be to find a moving agency that has a big moving truck that can fit your car in.

Ship Your Car by Train

Many people actually do not know about this way of shipping their car. But, it is actually very convenient and easy. You can basically, put all your items you plan on relocating into your car, and then load the car onto the train. This way, you can also decrease your moving costs too. But, be sure that this is not any kind of train, it must be the auto train. Moreover, you can use this train for shipping not only cars but SUVs, motorcycles and pretty much any kind of larger vehicle. Of course, these trains can not be found everywhere. Thus, whether you can ship your car by train depends on your current location as well as your destination. But, if you plan on relocating anywhere between Washington and Florida, you can easily find an auto train.

Do It By Yourself

The previous three options are, of course, a lot easier and safer. But, they do come with a hefty price tag, Thus, if you can not afford to hire car transporters or moving agencies, consider driving by yourself. When you think about it, it is the simplest way of relocating your car to a new city. So, find a friend or a family member to keep you company, prepare a lot of foods and drinks, especially energy drinks, and you are all set for a good old road trip. You may not save time, but you will certainly save a lot of money and have fun by doing it yourself. However, before you start, make sure to call your mechanic, or if you do not have one, find a good mechanic in your area. You must make sure your car is ready for making those big miles. This is especially important if your new city is far away, and you have to drive for days.

Hire a Professional or Non-Professional Driver

If you do not want to hire a car shipping company, there is also the option of hiring a professional driver to drive the car for you to your next destinations. These kinds of drivers usually work together with moving agencies and are completely reliable and trustworthy. But, be sure that this can be a really expensive choice. Probably the most expensive of all the ways we mentioned so far. Thus, if you are not willing to spend a fortune on professional drivers, you can also consider hiring non-professional ones. And, who are they? Well, anybody with a license and driving experience. It can be a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. You can even post an ad, and look for college students for example, who are willing to earn some extra bucks. Just be sure that you are leaving your car in trusted hands.

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