How to Separate Good Luxury Auto Dealers from Bad

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The sale of a luxury vehicle has more to do with the service provided than with the actual vehicle itself. This is because statistics show most customers know exactly what they want when they arrive. Therefore, the care and attention they receive from the dealership is paramount to the sale. Luxury car purchase requires a different kind of salesperson because they do not rely on volume. The sale of a luxury vehicle takes three times as long as a standard model. One sale provides enough revenue to account for several standard purchases however, which is why luxury dealers do not mind the wait. Here are some things a prospective luxury car owner should know about dealerships.

Reviews and Longevity

In the age of internet connectivity information is a simple search away. This means that every dealership around has a wealth of reviews posted online. Reliable dealerships have satisfied customers vouching for them. Exceptional dealerships have rave reviews as well as awards peppering their reputation. So, when considering a dealer, looking them up online can tell prospective customers all they need to know. With today’s tech such searches are fast, reliable, and even mobile. A smartphone search for luxury car dealership queens ny can profit a wealth of actionable information. It will also show you how long said dealership has been in business.

Purchasing from a dealer that is well-established is always a good idea. Their continued presence means they are reliable, trustworthy, and a part of the community. This bodes well for purchases as one can be certain they will get the best service. It also means that the dealership will be around to offer such service. If they have made it this far it makes them less likely to close their doors.

Compare Service

When purchasing a car a consumer also purchases the dealership’s service department. New cars are always under warranty, and many dealerships will throw in extended warranties to sweeten the pot. This is great unless the service department of said dealership is subpar. Free service has no bearing if the service provided is lackluster, or completely inaccessible because of backed up appointments. Researching the dealership’s service department is a good way to plan for life after purchase.

What is their Sales Approach

Upselling is part of any business transaction. It is the way companies can make extra money by providing extra service. Unfortunately, some dealerships make upselling akin to a physical assault. They hound consumers incessantly and make basic services individual sales. Some will even use lure tactics to bring consumers in. In addition to that are the dealerships that take away consumer ability to say no. It is best to avoid dealerships that resort to petty nickel-and-diming instead of reliable service. This is why gauging a dealerships sales approach can reveal the method in which they operate. It can save prospective consumers the headache of an endless sales pitch. It also ensures the dealer is honest and forthright.

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