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About Putnam

Putnam is a premium car dealership. It has branches in San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo.

They are number one among the Bay Area Cadillac dealers. Furthermore, they offer various sales and services. The parts and body shop departments help you to upgrade your car. Get Bay Area Cadillac special offers when you’re going to purchase your dream Cadillac.

Price Range of a Cadillac

According to the Bay Area Cadillac dealers, Cadillacs fall under the affordable range of cars. Ergonomic features and daily use capacity make the car affordable. In other words, Cadillacs’ average price range from $27000 to $34,000. It excludes servicing and extra charge costs.

Make sure you know what kind of Cadillac you want.

What Kind of Qualities to Look for in a Cadillac?

As you look for the best deal on a used Cadillac, there are some details to look out for.

  • Stay away from the very high-end unique trims on the vehicles. These hold their value more than any others as they are rare. If the only color that you absolutely must have had only 300 optioned with its code, it is going to be much very difficult to find and also quite expensive. For instance, if you want the Red Horizon Tintcoat that has the Cinnamon leather seats as well as the chevron perforated inserts, buy it! It is up to you to decide as to what is worth settling on.
  • The most abundant and cheaper options on the market are the mid-range used Cadillacs as they are priced the lowest. The very top range features drastically raise the price. It is not really viable for a good majority of customers.

CPO or Not?

Certified pre-owned (CPO) Cadillacs are what is known as the creme de la creme of used Cadillacs. The GM certified program is an efficient and thorough system. It ensures that every CPO vehicle is mechanically alright bearing quite the resemblance to a brand new vehicle. Each of these vehicles has a clean title. They are no more than 5 years old. They have a maximum of 75,000 miles. They also come with additional warranty and even a bumper warranty of 6-year/100,000 miles. This is quite the deal.

Then what is the catch?

The price.

A used Cadillac that is marked as a CPO will have an average cost ranging from $2,000-3,000. This is more than an equivalent non-CPO vehicle. The certified process is quite expensive for the dealer. It can cost them thousands on the vehicle as there are parts that need replacing or what kind of future warranty work will be performed.

However, it does have its benefits. For both the customer and the dealer.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely Yes.  When it comes to customer experiences, Cadillac has one of the best in their pre-owned programs. The customer care team and the worry-free warranties offer genuine care and service to the customers. Purchasing a non-CPO used Cadillac is a safe bet. You have a 6-year warranty that offers you the peace of mind in case anything breaks, from a cracked engine block or a faulty vent control, you need not worry. You are covered. Therefore it is worth the extra amount.

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