Common Signs of Car Suspension Problems That You Should Not Ignore

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Problems with car suspension in Calgary can prove difficult to diagnose. Often, it is easy to point out the symptoms of the problem, but pinpointing the source of the problem is another thing. Worn out and faulty shocks, springs, struts, ball joints and rods can cause havoc and it is unsafe to drive your car in such condition.


But, here is the thing; wear and tear is a big problem only if you decide to ignore the issue at hand. You need to pay keen attention to your vehicle. Notice how your car is handling and address the problems that arise.


Below are some of the common symptoms of problems with car suspension in Calgary, especially after being involved in an accident.


Your Car Pulls To One Side As You Drive


Pulling to the right or the left is one of the most common signs that you have a car suspension problem on your hands. While it is the most common symptom, it is also one of the hardest to diagnose without having a professional to help. Also, this is a sign that the tires probably require alignment. Poor alignment translates to uneven wear of your tires, an annoying pulling to the side, and a constant fight with your
steering wheel.


Bumpy Ride


A rough ride is the surest sign of having worn out shocks. When each bump, even the smallest bumps cause your car to bounce on the road, you have a serious suspension problem, and you should get the best auto repair company to handle the problem.


You also could perform the bounce test when you have your car stationary and parked. Exert all your weight on the front of your car and then release. Watch how the car behaves. If the car bounces for three times or more, then the struts and shocks are worn out and need replacing.
One Car Corner Sits Low


Cars are designed to be level when on level ground. However, after accidents, most cars end up with one corner seating lower than the rest. If this is the condition of your car, then there is a high chance you have a damaged spring, and you need to consider auto repairs. In addition to this, you may notice the car has a clunking noise when you are navigating over bumps. This is mainly because the damaged springs cannot support the car’s weight.
The relationship between the spring and the shock is the most significant contributor to this problem. Here is the thing, when you have a blown shock, it may lead to over compression of your car’s spring and ultimately your car sitting low in one corner.

Change In Momentum Greatly Affects Your Car’s Position


You can rest assured your struts or shocks need to be replaced when you notice that the car tends to nose dive when you are breaking, it rolls to either side when negotiating a corner or it squats when you accelerate. Sure, in extreme car handling, these reactions are normal. However, in normal driving situations and speeds, these reactions should not be experienced.


If you notice the above signs, you should quickly seek professional help. But most people procrastinate when they feel something is amiss or notice the symptoms. This is mainly due to the insane auto repairs costs they anticipate. But whether the costs are high or not, it is imperative that you get the repairs conducted. Procrastination will only make the situation worse and increase the auto repair costs.


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