How To Keep Your Personalised Number Plate

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To many, a number plate is simply that – just a number plate, but then again to others, a number plate can mean a lot more. If you’ve dived head-first into the world of personalised plates and hooked yourself one that resonates with you on different levels, you’ll probably want to keep that plate regardless of what car you own. But what happens when you get a new car? How do you keep your beloved plate?

If you want to retain your personalised plate – here’s what you need to do to assign your plate to your new car with the DVLA – otherwise you could find yourself losing your plate and that could be devastating!

What is a private reg number? 

Private reg numbers are number plates personal to you – and it can really help make your car stand out in the crowd. You can simply browse through DVLA’s registered list and as long as you follow the legalities, your car will be registered along with that brand spanking new personalised plate – and it’s not difficult either.

What kinds of plates are there out there?

At this point, I must point out that there are some really ‘out-there’ type number plates – alas, I will share a few that made me chuckle during my research in providing this guide – see below:

Psycho – well, there’s one way to part the traffic on your daily commute.

Skint – probably after spending out that £8000 on this personalised plate!


Bad Git – Maybe we’ll leave the tail-gating on this one




…and finally, my personal fave, Viagra – I bet the cost of this particular plate was rather ‘stiff’ – sorry, I couldn’t resist, sue me.

Now we’ve got a few chuckles out the way, back to business, you’ve purchased your personalised plate and you want to know how to keep it, how to transfer it – and the ins and outs.

Transferring Your Personalised Number Plate Online

There are a few ways to transfer your number plate; one being is that you can do it online.

What you’ll need

  • Vehicle registration certificate (V5C – also known as the logbook) for your old car (and the new car if you have one)
  • A credit or debit card – you’ll need to pay an £80 fee
  • Your certificate reference number – if you’re transferring your personalised plate from your old car to your new car


Taking your reg off your old car

Go to and select ‘start now’. Next fill in all the details of your car, including the reg number, 11 digit document reference number and post code.

Then finish by adding in all your payment details.

What will happen after this is that the DVLA will accordingly assign the old car with a replacement registration and send you a new registration document (logbook – V5C) within 3-5 working days.

How to put your registration onto a new car

 If you’ve just got yourself a new car and want to therefore transfer your personalised plate to it – go here: and click ‘start now’.

Then you’ll need to fill in your private reg number and tick the ‘yes’ element to show that you’re the grantee or purchaser.

Complete the form with all the details of your new car including reg number, 11 digit document ref number and post code.

Then, finally, all you need to do is enter the certificate reference number that you were given when you were registering to remove the number plate from your previous car above and VOILA! The DVLA will accordingly send you a new registration document (V5C) in 3-5 working days.



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