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Car Driving

One of the most exciting moments in the life of any person is one in which he meets the legal age to learn how to handle and process the ” pass” or “driver’s license “. It is a moment where you feel a true fresh air of freedom and autonomy, not having to depend on anyone to move where you want.

And is that learning to drive is an unforgettable moment. Most young people start driving since they were 16 years old, and that is why it is their parents’ responsibility to choose the best Online Traffic School to teach them everything they need to know about basic mechanics and about road safety when driving their vehicles.

Learning to drive is not a game. Therefore, avoid headaches and do things as they are: choose from the beginning a car teaching center where they guarantee that they will teach you all the knowledge you need to face the exercise of driving in a responsible manner. Here we present the steps to follow in this process.

When choosing

To choose the ideal place where you will learn to drive, the first thing to note is that the chosen school is legal.

In Colombia, the operation of driving schools (specifically called Automotive Education Centers) is regulated by the Traffic Code. According to this law, these centers must be established as public, private or mixed establishments that have permanent instruction of people who need a driver’s license and must be certified by the Ministry of Transportation, who will classify them according to the existing categories.

When you have chosen the right academy, choose the type of driving license you need (there are for motorcycles, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, trucks, vans, minibuses for private service, trucks, vans, among others). With time, you can request a recategorization of your license, making the corresponding procedure with any CEA in the country.

The process

In Colombia, it is necessary that the future driver present the following documentation to the automobile education centers: identity document (original and copy), recent photograph (3×4 white background) and fingerprint or biometric identification, which can be taken in the same academies

According to the decree 1500 of 2009, to obtain a driving license in Colombia it is necessary to have 16 years (for licenses of private vehicles), 18 for public transport vehicles and in both cases to know how to read and write. In the case of minors, it is necessary for parents to send an authenticated letter taking responsibility, if a traffic accident occurs, the civil and criminal part of the young person.

After completing the corresponding procedures, students must register the most convenient time for their practical and theoretical classes.

Various options

Basically, the centers of automotive education offer packages that contain between 10 to 20 hours of practical classes and 30 theoretical classes. If you require overtime in any of the two modalities, consult the corresponding CEA.

The theoretical classes on mechanics and road safety are obligatory for all new drivers. It requires that in the Center of Automobile Education you provide the necessary knowledge in both modalities. The topics to be discussed in these conferences are: mechanical first aid, recognition of traffic signals, vehicle maintenance, among others.

Although the new drivers are eager to learn basic driving maneuvers (such as how to start and reverse the vehicle and handle the changes), it is important that they also pay close attention to the theoretical classes taught in these schools.

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