Getting Quotes for Additional Coverage in Texas

Car Insurance

The car insurance rules and regulations differ in every state in the US. The State Department of Insurance in Texas mandates that car owners should get a minimum amount of liability coverage including physical injury liability, multiple injury coverage and property damage liability. However, although not mandatory, the state law in Texas also recommends that car owners should have a little more than state minimums. These include certain additional or supplemental car insurance cover, which is expected to serve as an extra protection to the policy holder and his family.

Getting a quote for additional car insurance cover is not difficult in Texas, provided you have some knowledge about this cover vis-à-vis Texas auto insurance policy. This includes understanding the content of additional cover, benefits and reasons to purchase the cover, and who should and should not go for this cover.

The content of additional cover

Additional car insurance covers become extremely useful in Texas when your vehicle gets damaged for some reason other than collisions. In Texas, most car insurance companies cover theft and vandalism, damage due to falling of an object, tree or animal, damage from fire, flood and hailstorm, as well as cracked and broken windshields under additional car insurance policies.

Benefits of additional cover

Texas is an expensive state and if you are staying in one of the key cities, your cost of living and expenses will be high. The cost of repairing and maintaining a car is also expensive in the state. In such a scenario, replacing a broken windshield or a stolen anti-break lock can prove to be a costly affair. You can save a lot in the long run by this type of cover if such damage occurs, as the expense for repair is generally much higher than your deductible amount.

Significance of additional covers

Although many car insurance companies in Texas may lure you to buy additional car insurance covers, you should be careful while requesting for a quote. Everyone may not require this type of coverage in the state. Additional car insurance cover can be particularly useful for a new car, especially if it is a fancy car. For those who do not have a garage and park it outside overnight should also go for this cover. In Texas, there are certain areas where crime rate is high and also are known for hail storms or floods. Such people also require this cover. So, find out about your locality and then ask for a quote. Only if you have a very old car, you can reconsider whether you would like to count the premiums every month on the additional cover. Even then repair costs would be high.

So, before you decide to ask for direct car insurance quotes on your additional car insurance cover in Texas, these are some of the basic things you should learn. While looking for good Texas car insurance quotes for these covers, you should do a comprehensive search on the internet by searching a company in your area. Find out the prospects and how much additional premium you have to pay every month. Many auto insurance companies in Texas offer a good discount and offer cheap quotes when these covers are considered along with the main car insurance policy.

Texas Car Insurance Requirements for Getting the Right Quotes

It is mandatory for car owners in Texas to have an auto insurance cover. The Texas Department of Insurance law mandates that drivers in the state should not only have a minimum amount of car insurance coverage, but also carry their insurance documents. It is not difficult to get cheap car insurance no deposit quotes in the state of Texas. But before you get a car insurance quote in Texas, it is important to know the details about the car insurance requirements of the state so that you ask the right questions to the auto insurance firms. This will help you in getting the right quotes.

Minimum Auto Insurance requirements

The State Department of Insurance ensures that all drivers in Texas are safe and therefore recommends a minimum amount of liability coverage for their cars. At present, the minimum amount is specified in three main areas. These include physical injury liability coverage, multiple injury coverage and property damage liability.

In Texas, the minimum coverage physical injury covers medical costs of the driver injured in the accident. For this, the insurance company will pay up to $20,000 for one person. In case of multiple injuries in the accidents, the insurer will offer $40,000. The property damage liability covers the repairing cost of the damage done to the other person’s car as well as other’s property. For this type of car, the insurer will pay up to $15,000.

Even though it is not mandatory to go for additional covers, insurance companies in the state recommend that you should go for a little extra than the minimum liability cover. You can ideally go for a comprehensive and collision coverage that will cover the cost of the damages caused to the vehicle by natural calamities and fire.

Proof of Insurance in Texas

Under the State Automobile Insurance Laws, all drivers in Texas are required to keep their proof of insurance in the car that is offered to them by their insurer. This is because he should be in a position to accept it whenever he is asked to produce the documents. In case the driver fails to produce the proof of insurance, he will be issued a citation by the law enforcement officer.

There had been instances in Texas and in Oklahoma City when the driver presented forged insurance cards. To counter this problem, the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles initiated a program called Texas Sure some years ago. The program tracks whether car owners in the state have genuine proof of insurance and accordingly take steps. Moreover, it has been strictly put forth by the state laws that those who are caught driving without insurance will have to pay a fine anywhere between $175 and $350. Those who are caught a second time may have to pay a fine as high as $1,000. The driver’s license may also be suspended on such occasions.

Fine imposed on policy lapse

Texas Automobile Insurance Laws are very stringent when it comes to policy lapses. If you cross more than 10 days from your due date, you are expected to pay $25 as fine and $60 for a renewed license. After 30 days, your registration will be cancelled.

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