Why You Should Reach Out To Liberty Auto Protection For Extended Auto Warranty

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Even though new vehicles come with factory warranty, this coverage expires after a couple of years. Your vehicle is a considerable investment that needs to be protected. Dealing with unexpected repair costs can prove to be quite costly. Reach using Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number (732) 807-5611  and talk to one the friendly customer services agents to get assistance. Before settling for a contact, ensure you understand what coverage you will get from the package.

  1. Comprehensive Packages

When signing up for an auto warranty package, it helps to consider long-term solutions. If you get into unmanageable accidents, the inclusive packages offered by Libert Auto Protection will cover for all the expenses. You get national coverage for repair and maintenance. A full policy coverage will protect all the major vehicular components.

The parts that sustain the highest Level of exhaustion require maintenance for your vehicle to run smoothly. Extended auto warranty services offer Lubrication maintenance as well as replacement of your cars major parts in case they get damaged beyond repair.

  1. Customer Friendly Services

The customer support team at Liberty Auto Protection are friendly and resourceful. If you have questions, contact the company using Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number. There is no need for Paying upfront when repairs are made to your car. Repair sessions done at the repair facility of your choice are billed directly to Liberty Auto Protection. in case you need to file a claim simply call the company using Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number, and the process will be quickly facilitated. With an extended auto warranty, you get to enjoy your ride hassle and Stress-free.

  1. Good Working Relationship With Dealerships

Liberty Auto Protection has a good working relationship with reputable dealerships allowing to get the extended auto warranty services when you make a new vehicle purchase. It is recommended that you sign up for a warranty package as you buy a new vehicle because manufacturer’s warranty eventually expires.

  1. Access to Roadside Assistance

Purchasing an extended auto warranty allows you to have access to roadside assistance. Among the services you get access to include;

  • Towing Services

If you get stranded while traveling, you can contact Liberty Auto Protection through Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number to get assistance sent down as soon as possible.

  • Fuel Delivery

It is possible to over-estimate how long fuel will last you. When you run out of gas in an area that has no gas station, the customer support team will send down someone with fuel to get you to the next gas station.


  • Tire Change

You can never be prepared for a car puncture even as an experienced driver. The trained and certified team will drive down to your site and help you change the punctured tire as fast as possible so that your activities don’t get interrupted.

  • Locksmith Services

Even though advanced vehicular security keeps burglars at bay, being locked out of your vehicle can be quite frustrating. Signing up for extended auto warranty services allows you to contact Liberty Auto Protection using Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number and ask for assistance from a professional locksmith.



The friendly customer support team at Liberty Auto Protection will quickly respond when you call in with inquiries or even complaints. If yours is a new or even a used vehicle, consider signing up for extended auto warranty services. Vehicular parts that sustain the highest level of exhaustion need to be regularly maintained for your car to run smoothly.

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