Car wash and its various types

Car Wash

A car wash is basically a facility that is used for cleaning a motor vehicle’s exterior and, at some occasions, it’s interior as well. At present, different kinds of car washes are available for cleaning your car. Examples may be cited of self-serve, full service and fully automated car washes. There are also events in which volunteers wash cars of random people with the aim of raising money for a noble cause.

In the past, car washing meant the activity of cleaning cars with the help of manpower. After that, technological advances gave birth to automatic car washes.

Self-Serve Car Wash

Self-serve car washes involve parking the car and cleaning its exterior with the help of a high-pressurized hose. So, any person can do it if he has the supplies and equipments.

Self-service car wash is the best alternative for people like apartment dwellers who do not have their own driveway or people who are okay with cleaning their car meticulously by hand. You need to be skilled in the job in order to clean the car effectively on your own.

Automatic In-Bay Car Washes

Automatic car wash is great for people who are always in a hurry. This is because its usage is extremely simple. The only disadvantage is that you may not be satisfied with the end result all the time. As the whole process is automatic, people with hands-on approach to car washing might not be satisfied. It is still great as all do not have plenty of resources as well as space for a detailed wash. You can buy Automatic In-Bay Car Wash online from

Hand Washes

Hand washes fall under the category of full-service car washes and therefore, involves full washing of the car by hands. This process indubitably offers the deepest clean of all the types of car washes. This is because a human hand can clean all the places one by one until the car is spick and span. However, it includes higher expenses for labor, proper training and effective management. It is also time consuming if you want the vehicle to be cleaned satisfactorily.

Tunnel Washes

A tunnel car wash does not differ much from an in-bay car wash. For both of these, the customer needs to drive his car into a bay to get it washed automatically. The only difference is that for tunnel washing, the car is moved via a tunnel. The tunnel has different parts, equipped with multiple cleaning elements. One part, for example, sprays cleaning chemicals on your vehicle. Another part has clothes and rollers to clean through friction. There is also a part with water hoses that spray water at high pressure to wash the chemicals off the car. A tunnel wash demands more maintenance than an automatic in-bay car wash. The advantage is that it also provides thorough cleaning.

Whichever car you buy, make sure that you clean it on a regular basis. This way, the car does not just retain its new look but also functions effectively.



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