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Australia’s booming economy which has been driven by its vast quantities of natural resources, its young and highly educated working age population, and its heavy involvement in the booming services sectors has meant that many Australians have become wealthy, and Newcastle is no exception to this rule.  The recent increase in wealth has meant that disposable and discretionary incomes are on the rise, and that Australia’s young population is spending heavily on durable goods that are deemed essential in life, including cars and vehicles.  However, both get old with time and eventually need to be disposed of, and this is where

cash for cars in Newcastle comes into the picture.

Just as not all car dealerships or car manufacturers are the same, not all car removal agencies are the same.  When it comes to choosing a car removal agency, you want to pick one that is known for its ease of removal, its on-time removal, its friendly staff, its expertise in terms of car removal and recycling, its reputation for handsome and on-time cash payments for old cars and vehicles, and its ability to resell old car parts as new, among other factors.  ABCM Car Removal excels in all of these areas.

ABCM Car Removal is based in downtown Newcastle, and that is where the bulk of its operations in terms of cash for cars Newcastle delivery is concerned.  Though we are a smaller car removal company, our many years of experience (10 in total) mean that we are the experts in our geographic areas of operation in terms of car removal, car dismantling, and car recycling.  We are able to remove, dismantle, and recycle every make of car imaginable.  However our services and abilities don’t stop there.  We are also adept at delivering cash for cars in Newcastle in terms of unwanted vehicles, written-off cars, scrap vehicles, unregistered and junk cars, and non-working cars.

We are known for our handsome and fast delivery of cash for cars in Newcastle which takes place over the phone.  We make same day payments, and remove cars in the same day that our clients request.  Our friendly staff, professionalism, and expertise in the field of car removal and recycling makes us the best company in terms of removing, dismantling, and recycling old cars and vehicles.  We will service any car, all that we require from our clients is a valid photo ID (which can be in the form of a passport or driver’s license), proof of vehicle ownership, and clear access to the vehicle or car for towing.  Additionally, our towing services are fast, efficient, and free, and this is what our customers love about us.

It is clear that we are the pros in terms of cash for cars removal in Newcastle.  You won’t be disappointed by either our quality services, or our handsome cash payouts.  Our reputation speaks for itself; we are the experts in what we do, and this is why we are the highest regarded car removal, dismantling, and recycling service provider in Newcastle.  Knowing all of this, why don’t you give us a call the next time you need your old car or vehicle to be removed?

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