Do it the Easy Way: 7 Innovative Ways of Streamlining Your Next Renovation Project

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Are you mentally prepared for what lies ahead in your Melbourne home renovation project? You only need to watch one reality TV episode about renovations to understand how difficult they can be. Whether it’s a small or large project you probably know the dust, effort, budget management and general frustration you’ll live with for a while.

Yes, the final product will be worth the effort, but for a few days, weeks or even months you’ll face some challenges. What if proper planning and some innovative tips can make it easier on you? Something as simple as trailer hire Melbourne companies provide or visiting other renovation sites can make a huge difference in the time and money you end up spending.

We compiled a list of easy but effective ways the experts streamline construction projects. Whether you’re planning to DIY or employ professional builders, approach your project like a pro and you may enjoy it more than you anticipate.

Visit Other Renovation Sites

The first step in preparing for renovations is to educate yourself: know what it really takes to manage such a project by visiting construction sites. Ask the person in charge if you can watch from a distance simply to understand what the project will really be like with all the noise, dust and people around you.

This can also be a smart way of vetting construction companies if you plan to use them. Ask for references but also visit them on other sites before you employ one. You’ll see which one’s work ethic is sound, who works neatly and who treats employees well. You want a positive environment on your premises, don’t you?

Hire a Trailer from the Start

Not everyone owns large enough vehicles to transport all the goods necessary for renovations: furniture, construction material and tools.

Yes, you can ask suppliers to deliver items but that costs money. Also, chances are that you realise you need more than you originally calculated and then you have to pay delivery fees again. Why not hire a trailer from a local Melbourne vendor and keep it on hand throughout the project?

Box trailers are easy to manage and drive with and you’ll have a quick solution whenever it’s necessary to transport something. Your project won’t lose momentum because you’re looking for a delivery company.

Rent Portable Toilets

Depending on the scope of your renovations your plumbing may not work for a while. Make it easy on yourself and workers by renting portable toilets. Modern portable restrooms are much more sanitary than you may think, and they don’t need any existing plumbing to work.

Book a Vacation or Pitch a Tent

A vacation? Yes, why not?

If you’re hiring a construction company your house will be taken over by workers. Why deal with the invasion if you can relax elsewhere? Plan the renovations at a time you can take a family holiday and simply ask a family member or friend to keep an eye on the project on your behalf.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to leave your project in other people’s hands. But then you need to prepare for living without a few amenities such as appliances, your kitchen or even your bed.

If there’s a room not affected by the renovations, set up a temporary bedroom and kitchen with the basic appliances such as a kettle & microwave oven. In extreme circumstances you can opt to camp in the garden for a few nights until there’s a usable area inside where you and your family can set up.

Make Food—Before the Time

If you don’t have appliances or even a kitchen, how will you feed everyone? Making food in bulk and freezing it is a proactive solution.

Food containers can be kept in the freezer if there is a power outlet you can use to keep it running. Alternatively ask neighbours or family members if you can store it with them and have meal times there.

Don’t Forget the Contracts

Both small and large projects will require arrangements with suppliers and service providers, even if it’s just to get your new safety certificate. Make sure you have contracts in place for all these arrangements, with clearly defined timelines and costs. Don’t let unforeseen fees spoil the project for you.

Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask for Help

That brings us to an important fact: you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. It’s better to use a service provider like a construction company than realising you got the project wrong by doing it yourself.

Be honest with yourself about your skills and capabilities. Call the pros if you realise you can’t guarantee the right outcome.

Renovations can be exciting and even fun. It’s all about how you plan. Will you do it the smart way?

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