The corporate vehicle as communication medium

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Companies have an increasing number of means for their communication operations (Internet, social networks, Print, Press Relations). Among all these means of communication, vehicle communication using Car Wrap Cardiff has specific advantages, provided that certain rules are respected. Today we make the point with you to make you discover this means of communication.

The advantages of using a vehicle as a communication medium

Using your company vehicles as a communication medium has many advantages:

  • Communication is mobile
  • The advertisement is seen by a very large number of people, whether the vehicle is in circulation or not, as long as the vehicle is on a taxiway. US studies typically advertise several thousand day impact in urban areas for a moving vehicle.
  • Vehicle advertising makes it possible to optimize its communication costsbecause, on the one hand, the message is seen by a larger number of people for a lower cost (in comparison with a conventional poster campaign), and on the other hand, the advertising can stay much longer on the vehicle (unlike a display campaign which is limited in time),
  • Vehicle advertising is an affordableand long-term means of communication (average price tag represents a few hundred euros)
  • The effects of a vehicle advertisement are multiplied by the number of vehicles carrying the advertisementin question.

However, to realize the benefits of advertising on company business vehicles, there are a number of rules to follow in order to optimize your communication operation.

Some tips for making an effective vehicle advertisement

Thus, as in all communication operations, vehicle advertising has some common sense rules that should not be overlooked. First of all, care must be taken to show only the essential information for a good understanding of advertising by passers-by. As the saying goes, too much information kills information. In addition, the advertisement will most certainly be seen while the advertising vehicle is traveling (which means in motion), which implies being able to transmit a message quickly and easily. The people who will see your advertising should not have to think to understand exactly what it is. Thus, the elements to be displayed will be the name of the company, its logo, its telephone number and why not its location. It may be possible to include some details on the specificities of the company in question (especially on the rear of the vehicle).

In summary must appear:

  • The logo
  • Option: The activity of the company (if the logo is not enough)
  • A call to action or a message
  • A contact (phone, website)

It is important to define the objective: is it an institutional communication  (I value my brand in a sustainable manner) or event communication (I put forward a product, an operation) in order to stand out from his competitors, we can highlight a four-color visual while respecting its visual identity.

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