5 Tips to Choose the Best Bicycle for Gravelbike Siebengebirge by Sette Colli


A bicycle is one of the crucial things when you want to join Gravelbike Siebengebirge events by Sette Colli. You are about to ride a bicycle on a variety of surfaces when joining the events, including asphalt and natural paths. The tips to choose a bicycle below help you to pass the route comfortably and safely.

Types of Bikes 

Types of bikes vary, although all of them look the same. You should choose the bike based on the route. For example, a mountain bike is perfect for off-road bikers who will pass through rugged and meant paths. You can also choose a hybrid bicycle if passing through a natural path or asphalt. The design of this bike is lightweight and durable.

Calculate Your Budget 

The price of a bike varies depending on the quality of the parts. For example, a bicycle with basic metal frames can cost around $80 to $300. The aluminum or lighter metal bikes are even more costly, around $300 to $1.000.

This bike is suitable for every day due to the durability of the wheels, chains, and pedals. A high-end bike is suitable for joining a specific event, such as Gravelbike Siebengebirge or other light competitions.

It is the most expensive type of bike due to the light metal material. You can even customize this bike just like what you want. No matter the bicycle you want to use, ensure that it follows your budget, safety standard, and comfort.

Wheel Size 

Bicycles come with a variety of wheel sizes. It depends on the bike category you choose. A mountain bike often uses 29-inch wheels or 27.5-inch wheels. The cost of the wheels is similar. You only have to focus on the performance and safety when choosing the bicycle wheel size.

Brake Type 

You can choose disc brakes or rim brakes for your bicycle. Rim brakes work by squeezing the brake pads against the sides of the wheel rims. It is an economical option and easy to treat. Disc brakes consist of hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes. Install the hydraulic disc brakes when you need a stronger braking system. Mechanical disc brakes are for bikers who prefer to adjust the brakes and pads wear manually.

Bike Size and Fit 

You should get the right frame size first. Most bike manufacturers support customers with a frame size chart. The bike size and fit standard if the distance between the body and the top tube is comfortable enough when you straddle the bike. You also check the distance from the seat to the handlebar to get the best bike size. Finding the best bike size takes time, so it is okay if you love the bike and only need some minor adjustments.

Indeed, preparing your bike for joining Gravelbike Siebengebirge by Sette Colli is crucial. It supports the safety and comfort of cycling. As a result, you can reach the finish point together with your friends based on the goal without any serious problems. Best of all, you get maximum benefits from cycling because of the bicycle you choose.

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