Can You Use Second Hand High Output Alternators?


When examining the pricing on an item it is often easy to notice how used or second-hand items can be found online or via a local second-hand retailer for a fraction of the price of a new unit. As such if you are needing high output alternators for your vehicle you may be wondering if a second-hand or slightly used version would work just as well.

Let’s examine this topic together so you can see not just if you can but if you should.

Buying Second Hand High Output Alternators

The main pro to buying these parts second-hand is that they can be found at a much lower price, however, that is where the pros end. The trouble is that whilst many providers claim that these parts have only been used for a short time and have a long life ahead of them, there is little to no way to prove it.

Therefore you may end up buying someone’s old junk parts despite being told that it was only used for a couple of months. Additionally, those who sell these parts are often more about selling parts that “could” work rather than selling you the exact part that your car actually needs.

Buying New High Output Alternators

As with many items, buying new comes with a lot more assurances. For starters, you can examine the specs of the item, you get a receipt for your purchase and you purchase with the comfort of knowing that this product has not been burned out from previous use

The additional benefits come from the person that you are purchasing it from. This is not something you would buy new from just anyone. No, this is a product that is bought from car specialists with years of experience in the trade who know exactly which parts work for which cars and are able to recommend you the correct piece.

Overal Conclusion

Buying new is often safer, more productive and more cost effective long term. Whilst you may have to pay slightly more to start with, by purchasing a high output alternator from an official car company, you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the line.

There are pros and cons to buying second hand items. However, come with no guarantee and may not even work once you attempt to install them. Therefore, we recommend the safer option and to always buy your parts new.

Author bio-

Tucson Alternator Exchange was founded in 1979 by my Steven Montano’s farther, Leo Montano, which he had the privilege to work for since opening day. Steve started as rebuilder, once he gained enough product knowledge he then helped as a counter salesman. By 1987 he was working in outside salesman to establish better relations with our customers and grow the business. Steve is currently acting president and general manager of operations.

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