Everything You Should Know about Beyond 531 PDF Training Book


Losing weight and gaining muscle is a proper goal that you should have whenever you want to be freed from your obesity situation. Diet and healthy food are a must. But, the core of the losing weight program is all about the workout. It is the method to burn the fats and gets that muscle. So, among many types of workouts, we found one that might be a fun workout for you to try. We found it in the Beyond 531 PDF book. It is a book about 5/3/1 workout.

What is the 5/3/1 Workout?

5/3/1 workout is a unique workout program created by Jim Wendler that focuses on a powerlifting workout system with one goal. It is to improve your one-rep max (1RM). Once you have finished this program, you will be able to get a new 1RM. That is also a sign that your body and muscle strength increase. When you can do that, your weight loss program will also succeed. And, you can find detailed information about this workout in the Beyond 531 book.

The Training Cycle

This program has a four-week cycle. It is divided into four-week training, in which you have to do four workouts per week. The workout includes the bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, and squat. The combination forms a workout system that will give you the result you want. Here is the workout training cycle for this program:

–       Week One – three sets of five reps of one lifting exercise,

–       Week Two – three sets of three reps of lifting exercise,

–       Week Three – one set of five reps, one set of three reps, and one set of one rep of lifting exercise,

–       Week four – three of five reps of lifting exercise. However, you should use a lighter weight for this week to give your muscle a chance to rest. The fourth week is also known as the deloading week.

In Beyond 531 PDF, you can find an even more detailed guide for those training. It includes the best training for your muscle and how to do it correctly. Many people still have a problem because they don’t know how to do powerlifting. You can find the solution in Jim Wendler’s book.

Training Tips

Here, we have some training tips that help you to optimize the 5/3/1 training method and keep your body safe:

–       Follow the rules or instructions strictly for maximum result,

–       Add assistance exercises, which is an additional lift to help build your muscle,

–       Use lighter weight first when you start the 5/3/1 training to prevent the injury,

–       Have rest days to give your muscle time to recover its tissue and build its strength naturally.


Training your muscles will increase your metabolism. High metabolism is what you need to burn the excess fats that cause obesity and weight problems. And, 5/3/1 training is one of the best methods to get your muscle worked out. For more information about this training, you can refer to Beyond 531 PDF book that is available in many online stores.

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