Noise Control Enclosure Curtains


Noise Control Enclosure Curtains are the highly effectual way to control the localised industrial noise. Installation of the encapsulating noise control arena to consist and absorb the noise where condensed levels of sound are needed is helpful. As nearly each in-place noise problem is in a different or varied environment or surrounding, every application is custom design.

Basically, there are three basic categories of noise control enclosures curtains that are offered by AmCraft, namely:

  • Noise Enclosure
  • Noise Separator
  • Noise Control Baffle System

The best of these curtain walls are that no fiberglass materials are used and hence making them easy to clean.

A few features are counted below;

  • Hanging from the Track System or Ceiling on Unistrut
  • Use 1,2 or 3of the existing walls
  • A free standing frame
  • Retractability: 20 feet wall retracts to approximately 34 inches. This is around 15 percent of the total width of the curtain.
  • Retractable and stationary acoustic curtains can be put to use and combined.

The two basic needs or requirements for sources of noise can be accommodated by the noise control enclosure curtains. The elementary requirement is to make use of the acoustic curtain enclosure in order to restrictthe source of sound, having the sound fromgetting out of the enclosure. For instance, if any noisy industrial machine is there in the centre of the warehouse or factory, it will obviously interfere with the other processes in the given area or around it. Making use of a sound curtain enclosure would vividly decrease the noise from the sources outside of the rest of the bigger area, assisting to amplify the productivity along with helping the regulatory compliance.

Noise Control Curtain System:

Ascribing the flexible curtain to the tubular frame assembly offers an effective noise control system. The sound proof curtain system is an affordable, noise control system, high performance, handling high mechanical strengths. They are easily cleanable, fire safe, resistant to dirt, dust, oils and many chemicals, and also give a long lasting service life. Curtains decrease the reverberant noise energy and provide 7-10 dB reduction. The curtain enclosures are sometimes referred to ‘Softwall’ noise enclosure, and are made available that combine a huge mass noise control barrier with the light-weight acoustical fiberglass absorbers, are basically designed to absorb noise as well as contain noise, and provide an average of the 12-15 dB decrease. The options consist of:

  • Vector and/or grommet on edges
  • Outdoor facings and high-temperature
  • Steel framing (self-supported/ceiling mounted)
  • Decorative facing
  • Clear View Windows
  • Custom or standard colours
  • Roof system
  • Vent kits
  • Access panels and doors
  • Tracked [panel for quick movement

Noise Enclosures:

The other effectual way to weaken the noise source is a severe metal enclosure. The standard wall panel is made of an 18 GA rock solid exterior skin with 22 GA interior pricked liner, and 4LB/cu. Ft. acoustic seal core. The options for other types of construction of walls are made available.

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