Staying Safe While Driving: Tips for Winter Commuting in Bradford


When it comes to the winter, you’ve got to stay as safe as possible. Winter commuting in vehicles can be dangerous when the weather conditions get dire. Snow, freezing rain, and wintry mixes can contribute to a nasty combination that makes for poor driving.

If you want to make the winter commute or absolutely have to get somewhere for work or another important obligation, you’ve got to do things where you’re absolutely making sure you are attempting it in the safest way. Of course, when the weather is really bad, you should do everything in your power to make sure that you avoid driving if at all possible.


Bad conditions make for an environment where your chances of getting in an accident greatly increase. In wintry conditions, other drivers may make poor choices or attempt to brake, but be unable to come to a complete stop. There are many ways that accidents can happen, and it’s a good idea to go under the speed limit at a safe or regionally mandated speed.


If you may be driving this winter, read on and check out our top tips for driving during the season so you can stay safe.


Staying Safe While Driving: Tips for Winter Commuting


Here are our top tips for winter commuting.


– Give plenty of space to other cars.


You need more time to brake if there is snow or rain happening.


– Have a charged phone.


A charged phone before you leave the house is essential. You always want to be prepared.


– Layer up and wear what you would need outside of a cold car.


Wear your winter jacket, hat, scarves, warm pants, boots and interior layers. If your car broke down, would you be cozy or in trouble?


– Have a roadside assistance number already in your phone.


If your phone can’t connect to the Internet or your phone happens to be low on battery, you can relax because you already have the number for a truck roadside assistance company in your phone. No need to wear down the battery.


In winter, you never want to be stuck by the side of the road with your car off because the temperatures and wind can make being outside dangerous. Have a truck roadside assistance number already on your phone before you hit the road and call a truck tire service in Bradford if you need tire help and it’s getting late in the day.


– Have a first aid kit and blanket, as well as food and water in your car.


You never know when you’re going to need them or your car will break down. Increase your odds of not having a life-threatening situation by not only having the number of a truck tire service in Bradford or roadside assistance company in your phone but having spare water, food, blankets, and a first aid kit in your car. Put a bag of hats, scarves, and gloves in your backseat, as well, if you want extra backups.


– Be alert on the road.


Winter is a time of hibernation. Take that into consideration – with cold and flu season and fatigue in full swing, drivers may not be as alert as they normally would be. Avoid accidents by paying attention and avoiding driving when you feel unwell.


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