The Legal Procedures Involved in Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrian accidents can be described as collision incidents involving auto vehicles and a walking individual, and such cases require the application of certain legal procedures when broached by the parties involved.

The Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported a 46% surge in 2016 connected to deaths as a result of pedestrian accidents, portraying the high level of risk associated with individuals working close to busy road networks. It is essential for any persons who find themselves in the midst of such an encounter to employ a number of steps afterwards to ensure they have fulfilled any potential obligations required of them from a legal point of view. Having knowledge of such inherent responsibility can also greatly enhance one’s chances of winning a case and receiving a just reward for the suffering inflicted.

Some of the steps that should be implemented when one is dealing with a pedestrian accident include:

Relocate to an Area of Safety

The first thing an individual should do before they get in touch with motorcycle accident lawyers at Ladah Law Firm is to ensure that they have removed themselves from any potential danger by relocating from the scene of the accident. This is especially necessary to prevent any additional collisions from taking place when the incident occurs on the busy sector of a road and is viewed as a responsible act in cases where the issue of liability might come into play. In cases where the injuries concerned are severe, medical attention should be acquired as quickly as possible.

Make a note of Potential Witnesses

Individuals should also immediately try and identify any other people involved, or who may have been privy to the accident to ensure that there are witnesses available should some be needed to establish the events that took place. Once these subjects have been identified, one can either request them to stay put until the arrival of the authorities or take down their details in case they need to contact them in the future. This list of people should also be given to the investigators of the crash and one’s legal representatives.

Record Every Detail of the Incident

Once an individual has fully recovered their faculties enough to replay the events that took place accurately, they should immediately proceed to record every detail of the event that they can remember for future use. Nothing should seem too minuscule to be included, and every fact counts when one is jotting down such memories, as these items could help one build an adequate legal defense should one be required. Issues such as the driver’s license plate and details of the car should also be included in case the perpetrator attempts to flee before the arrival of the police.

Collect all Potential Evidence

An individual should also collect items involved with a crash that could serve as evidence in cases where the police require a lengthy period of time to arrive, to ensure that no articles of proof are destroyed or lost in the ensuing fracas. Such materials can include a variety of things including photographs of the crash site, as well as medical reports stating one’s condition upon their arrival at a treatment facility.


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