Top Five Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle to Florida


When it’s time for retirement and you have picked out that perfect golfing location in Florida, now what’s next on your to-do list is: ship car to Florida. If you’re a new snowbird and you’re shipping your vehicle for the winter months, reading a few articles can lead you to the best recommended transport companies. Finding the best rates and transport for your vehicle is fast and easy when you do your research. Searching online for vehicle transport will get you rates, times, customer reviews and more. For the perfect checklist for vehicle transport, check out the list below.

Vehicle Transport Checklist:

  • Search for auto transport companies that ship single and/or multiple vehicles
    from your area to your chosen city.
  • Compare and contrast your top companies but narrow your search to keep it simple.
  • Does your favorite company have a simple approach to getting quotes?
  • Is there both an online and phone option for quotes and is the customer service
    more than a pushy sales pitch?
  • Does your favorite company get good customer satisfaction reviews and other A+
    ratings from the BBB, Trust Pilot, and Google Plus?Other factors to consider are regarding the drivers and additional discounts for shipping multiple cars. Your auto transport company should not only provide you rate quotes, but also you give you information on the drivers’ certification and training. You can ask about the driver’s background checks and length of time with the company. Your driver should be on time and courteous when picking up and delivering your vehicle and should match the name and description that your auto transport company provided.When receiving your quotes, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what’s included. You want to know how much you can pack into your vehicle without raising the rates. You want to know whether you will have a closed or open carry transport vehicle and how the difference may affect your price. When meeting with the auto transport company for your walkthrough, make sure every imperfection, scratch, ding, etc., is noted and that you agree with the findings, and is presented to you in writing. Shipping your car should be a comfortable task so do not be afraid to ask questions about anything that you’re not sure about.

    Flying south for the winter or a permanent move is a very exciting time and having your car to travel around town in your destination city is a wonderful convenience. You want an auto transport company that gives you confidence that your car will arrive safely. You want a professional company with experience in shipping vehicles. You want a company that has integrity, and the rate quote that you agree to is the one that you end up paying. You also want the staff to be courteous, respectful and engaging. You want to know the names of the people you speak with and that they are authorized to give you the rate quotes. Choose a company that gives you all these things and your vehicle will arrive safely and securely.

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