What is intelligent transportation?


In the same way that Mr. Jourdain prose without knowing it, we use intelligent transport systems (ITS) on a daily basis. It is simply the application of new information and communication technologies in the field of transport. To put it simply, it’s all the intelligence behind the application that we can use on a smartphone to see the schedule of the next bus, or the display of traffic status on a map to find out whether to take the car or any other means of transport.

The Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy devotes a few pages to a dedicated website. This is an opportunity to learn about the technologies and services of this vast area that includes road traffic as well as public transport and even soft modes like shared bike.

Once isolated and even competing, these new practices can be networked to “organize” mobility. For example, public transport operators are adding car sharing and car pooling to their historic business and car manufacturers are proposing to facilitate parking and extend their navigation system to other modes of transport, so that their customers can find a solution when traffic conditions are too degraded.

The widespread use of smartphones, mobile broadband Internet and especially applications, proposed by transport stakeholders or developers, can only encourage a more thoughtful and therefore more responsible mobility. EYERIDE is providing solution to view the live video of your vehicle on the web. It’s a great service to manage your vehicle’s location and real time video streaming from the vehicle. Using this service, you can watch the driver behavior and fleet safety.

Smart transport is also a sector. And in this area, France has recognized expertise. It is no coincidence that she hosted the first-ever ITS World Congress in Paris in 1994. On the occasion of the return to France of this great event, more than 20 years later, it will be keen to demonstrate its know-how and the dynamism of SMEs and large groups involved in this field.

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