Why You Should Buy Your Next Vehicle at an Auction


Commercial vehicle auctions are widely held all over the world and can be a great way to purchase your new car. If you do your homework on buying a vehicle at auction there is no reason you won’t walk away with a great deal.

Things You Need to Know About Buying at Commercial Vehicle Auctions

Here are a few things you should know to walk into commercial vehicle or truck auctions and confidently bid on the vehicle you wish to purchase.

The Condition of the Vehicle

The one thing that should be noted and understood about commercial vehicle auctions as well as truck auctions is the fact that the vehicles are purchased as is. That means that you need to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if the car is functional before bidding on any particular car.

Inspect the Exterior:

  • Are there any cracks in the glass of the windows and lights?
  • Do the lights work?
  • Are the shock absorbers working?
  • Are the tires in good condition?
  • Do the seat belts work?
  • Do the windows and doors open and close properly?
  • Is anything leaking from underneath the vehicle?
  • Is there any visible damage like rust on the vehicle?

Inspect the Interior

  • What is the mileage on the vehicles?
  • Is there any damage or odour in the interior?
  • Is the instrument panel in working condition?
  • Do the pedals work?
  • Does the boot open and close and is the spare tire inside?
  • Does the radio/music system work?

Read and Understand the Conditions of Sale

Each auction house will have a conditions of sale document that is legally binding,accompanied by terms and conditions. Be sure to read this and agree with the stipulations it entails before committing to the auction.

Visit the Auctioneer’s Website Prior to Attending

Nine out of ten times the auctioneers will have a website that you can visit, and they may even list the vehicles on sale at their next event.

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