Causes for Gas Injector Burning


Gas injector working principleThe injector atomizes the diesel gas and sprays it into the combustion chamber. The injector consists primarily of the nozzle and nozzle holder. The principle parts of gas injector are as follows:1. Rod sort filter

2. Cap nut

three. Compressing spring

four. Compression pin

5. Cap nut for fastened nozzle

6. Nozzle holder

7. Join gap for gas supply

eight. Nozzle holder

9. Join tube for overflow

10. Shim

11. Pin

12. Nozzle bushThere is little question that the nozzle burning will certainly affect the conventional operation of the machine. Should you discover the associated causes, you may shortly remedy the issues.1. Very long time idling operationDue to the diesel engine retains operating slowly for a very long time, the temperature within the cylinder is low, the gas combustion is just not enough, the combustion chamber and gas injection nozzle are simple to type carbon deposition. So it results in the deterioration of working situations for gas injection nozzle. Particularly in winter, it’s much more critical beneath the situation of chilly local weather. As a result of the combustion chamber has carbon deposition, warmth dissipation is sluggish, which can trigger spray orifice obstruction of the injection nozzle and the oil drip phenomenon could occur. The gas stays within the nozzle head for a very long time, the native excessive temperature will make the nozzle and thermal insulation jacket burned.

2. The gas is just not cleanDue to there are small particles of impurities within the gas, the needle valve and needle valve physique of the gas injector will put on. It’s attainable that the needle valve will likely be caught within the needle valve physique.Due to needle valve lag, the gas cannot be periodically, quantitatively and shortly sprayed into the combustion chamber, the oil drip phenomenon will seem, which can trigger the gas atomization is just not good and the combustion pace is lowered. Because of the burning time of the nozzle is prolonged, which can make the nozzle and the thermal insulation jacket burned. When such fault happens, there will likely be black smoke and chattering phenomenon.three. Gas injection time is simply too lateThe gas injection advance angle is simply too small which can result in a late gas injection time. If it may possibly’t be adjusted for a very long time, the native excessive temperature will make the nozzle and thermal insulation jacket burned.four. Improper assemblyIf the nozzle insulation sheath is put in with out cleansing, there will likely be a niche between the gas injection nozzle and the insulation sheath. The gasoline enters into the hole, the warmth insulation and cooling impact is lowered, which can trigger the gas injection nozzle and the insulation sheath burned. If the thermal insulation sheath is simply too tight, the nozzle will generate extra stress. Below the mixed motion of warmth alternating load and excessive stress of gas injection, the nozzle will likely be damaged and the needle valve will likely be caught. As well as, if the insulation sheath cannot get put in throughout upkeep, the nozzle extends into the combustion chamber greater than 4mm above the cylinder head backside, the warmth absorbed by the injection nozzle will improve, which make the nozzle melted.

5. Improper use of the gensetIf it lacks of coolant liquid whereas the unit is at work, the combustion chamber cannot be in good state of cooling, which can result in the excessive temperature. That is additionally an necessary purpose to trigger the burning of gas injection nozzle.PreventionAs talked about above, the gas injection nozzle is likely one of the necessary gear of diesel genset. For the nozzle upkeep, it’s essential to preserve the gas system clear and keep away from buying the gas from unreliable sources.

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